RadioShack is DualShocking Thanksgiving

PlayStation LifeStyle writes: "120GB PlayStation 3 bundles including several AAA titles for a low price are being sold at many different retailers, and games like Dragon Age: Origins are being sold at unbeatable prices. Now it looks like RadioShack wants to join in on the giving..."

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ftwrthtx3306d ago

Gotta order me a couple. I still have 2 Sixaxis that need replaced (original from Nov. 06)

JonnyBigBoss3306d ago

My first Sixaxis analog sticks became loose over time, so I had to buy a new controller about a month ago. Shame I didn't wait.

doctorstrange3306d ago

I still need to replace some of my sixasises

DoucheVader3306d ago

Sweet $20 off more money for da gamez!

decimalator3305d ago

But the PS3 doesn't HAVE games! HAHA YOU LOSE!

dopeboimagic923306d ago

Man, I was seriously looking into getting a red Dualshock 3 and another one for my cousin's Christmas present but these are only the black ones! :(