Square Enix Prepares FF13 Product Onslaught

How much do you love Final Fantasy? How big of a fan of Final Fantasy XIII are you before the game even comes out?

If the answer to either of these questions is a lot or quite a bit, Square Enix has you covered with the massive selection of merchandise they're preparing to ship alongside, before and after the game's Japanese release.

UFFSite has a guide to what's coming and links to import if you're so inclined.

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borisfett3218d ago

Oh man, I want that PS3...

Julie3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Anyone knows if the PS3 Japanese one have english subtitles? if it does it will be my FFXIII i love the Japanese music i don't like the Leona pop thingy :(

And still no news about moogles this have me worried Kupo, not even on mogneto :3

Mabe i'll ask Quina he/she might know , of course that if he/she is not busy catching frogs D:

AP3218d ago

Even if there's no english subs, there'll be fan subs and explanations within days. I'm not fluent but I'm importing to enjoy the battle system and great graphics. :D

I wonder if there'll be no moogles. maybe it'll be like FF7's world where they're plush toys but not real animals.

Julie3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

They are faeries not animals! D: hehe :)

Hmm i dunno if to import it, i can really make a huge mess up...with everything in japanese lol ... but i really like the japanese music and voice acting , God i am confused dunno what to do :I

SpoonyRedMage3218d ago

Artemicion is too busy ajudicating sexy beach games to be running Mog Net!

Too answer the question you asked in the open zone AP, yes they do sell the action figures in the west, I got a Judge Gabranth from Gamestation.

Games looks awesome anyway... the new trailer was great.

AP3218d ago

I'm always put off the figures by the joints. I wish they'd release more 'static' figures with no joints, and ones that don't cost around 200 bones to get, as those are ridiculous.

sikbeta3218d ago

IS already began!!!!

Is getting Close, PS3 FF13 MADNESS will be a real ONSLAUGHT by Japanese Fans


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AP3218d ago

Game & Soundtrack for me. Importing PS3 version and then I will try the 360 version for the Western release. :) Can't be bothered with the rest, though that lightning sword keyring is damn cool...

densai3218d ago

lol i hope you can read japanese as you wont want to play the us one then

densai3218d ago

what will the extras be for us release?

maybe a special ff13 brand towel for xbots to wrap the rrod machine in after it dies trying to render ff13

or a ff13 brand MULTI DISC CHANGER


AP3218d ago

Very funny... in reality we'll probably get none of it, though. Maybe the soundtrack and a few posters. Do they sell the action figures in the West? I think I saw some FF9 ones in a store once.

densai3218d ago

srsly though anyone who buys it on 360 is an idiot

Obama3218d ago

I wouldn't mind to have a ff13 towel. The xbots will just put it to waste by wrapping it around the 360.

Obama3218d ago

I can understand if 360 only owner buys it for the 360, but anyone who own both system and buy it for the 360 is an idiot.

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RustyMagus3218d ago

Every time I read the name "Suntory" I can't help but think of "Lost in Translation".
At first I wasn't excited about this game, especially because I didn't really like FFXII, but it's beginning to grow on me. I actually want the game now, and that elixir drink sounds pretty sweet.

AP3218d ago

Lots of stuff really, isn't it? There wasn't even this much MW2 merch I can think of, but I suppose that's a different audience. Shows the power of FF though, I bet Square makes themselves a ton off this.

densai3218d ago

what figures etc would you get for mw2 anyway.. its all generic soldiers

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