Gearbox: Bond producer didn't want shooting in Nightfire

OXM UK: Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has revealed that the company's 007 shooter, 2002's James Bond 007: Nightfire, nearly had the shooting elements removed by guardians of the Bond licence.

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Pumbli3130d ago

What? That would've been so weird. Really glad they didn't, my friends and I used to play this a lot a few years back.

Nightfire is actually in 2nd place (behind Goldeneye 64) on my top Bond games list. :P

3128d ago
IronFistChinMi3130d ago

must have sold her shares since, or come to her senses, as the Daniel Craig movies have ramped up the violence.

OhMyGandhi3130d ago

how can you not have shooting in a bond game?

morganfell3130d ago

Just wait. The next Bond game is rumored to be a driving title. It's utterly ridiculous that there isn't a dev team that can get it right so they have to resort ot a non shooting centered titled.

One more reason to give it to Naughty Dog.

Madis0073130d ago

I even liked Night Fire
I like grahpic and evrything else. Its looks like original...
But new game is like Call of Duty...

LeonSKennedy4Life3130d ago

I honestly think Nightfire was awesome!

Agent Under Fire is my favorite though...even above Goldeneye.

The multi-player on AUF was INCREDIBLE!

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The story is too old to be commented.