PlayStation Store Global Update 11/26/09

Want to see which region got what content? Look no further, as PlayStation LifeStyle has done the searching for you and compiled a list of what's new in this week's PlayStation Store Update, for all regions across the globe.

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Julie3309d ago

Guys please what is this about:
Final Fantasy XIII Special Announcement Video <- o_O?

I ask because i am at work , ty in advance :)

ThanatosDMC3309d ago

Also, for those that havent checked out Home in a while. Check it today, there's turkeys running around. Also, people wearing turkey costumes.

It really makes the possibility of having pets in Home. Wish i had a turkey in my Home space and duplicate it to 20-30.

JonnyBigBoss3309d ago

I gotta try out NFL Arcade.

ftwrthtx3309d ago

I wish the US would update every Tuesday instead of making us wait until Thursday

peeps3308d ago

but it would still be a week between updates... lol

sam22363309d ago

The US Store gets "Dino Crisis", "Fighting Force" and "International Track and Field" while us Europeans get "Lilo and Stitch: Trouble in Paradise"!! OMFG, awesome update!!!

STONEY43309d ago

And since when the hell was Lilo and Stitch a PS1 Classic? Was anyone even asking for that? At least I live in the US.

Godmars2903309d ago

Bit ironic that I got the Africa theme free off JP PSN and they're charging - full price no less - for it in the US.

ftwrthtx3309d ago

I got it for free a long time ago as well. You would think they would have just released it for free across all regions so users could see what a dynamic theme is.

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