Mass Effect 2 Website Relaunched Again

Bioware tweeted today that the Official Mass Effect 2 website finally relaunched again with new theme.

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Madusha3309d ago

Possibly the stupidest 'surprise' I've ever seen...

kalebgray923309d ago

too many games for 2 console gamers in 2010

The 13309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Not really a big surprise they mentioned they have a little treat to reveal for ME fans and some ME fans and pro Sony media and PS3 fanboys hyped the news. lol


"Man, so much time tied up today in meetings and 'secret stuff' I didn't get any time with ME2 at all. =( Still with the coming surprise for next week on the ME2 website, I'm sure fans will forgive me for no update," tweeted BioWare earlier today. "Did I, Evil Chris Priestly, just drop a hint? Yes. Yes I did."

I don't know what they revealed there are a few things announced. I assume it was the loads of DLC for ME2 that will be coming with all of the team expanding the game for years to come.

I guess few ME fans wanted something like co-op or multi player and a sh*tload of PS3 fanboys wanted a PS3 version.

dgroundwater3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Say what you will about being underwhelmed. I hadn't seen the Adept video nor the Tali one so I'm happy. Not to mention downloading 1920x1080 wallpapers!

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tdrules3309d ago

cant wait to put this game in my disc drive and install.
oh wait it has a disc check, off to Steam I go!!!

Mr Exclusive3308d ago

This is EA we are talking about, the Kings of multiplatform.

Elvfam5113308d ago

"Don’t forget, Mass Effect 2 will be released in two months and it’s exclusively for the XBOX 360 and PC. Sorry no PS3 version yet."

What do these guys know about that we don't know

"yet" although it is EA

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