Top Standalone Antivirus Software for 2010

PC World: "We looked at eleven antivirus packages from around the world. G-Data Antivirus 2010 wins for its outstanding malware detection; Norton Antivirus 2010 comes in a close second thanks to its polished interface."

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Elven63283d ago

For free alternatives, Microsoft Security Essentials is pretty good, I've been hearing good things about Malware Bytes as well, (running a scan as I type).

And with the software they chose for #11 you can tell they were really scrapping the bottom of the barrel, especially when their summary for it is so "glowing".

Voozi3283d ago

I'm surprised to see NOD32 towards the bottom, I always thought it was a good AV.

One reason why I like it a lot is because it's nice and light weight, doesn't feel like there's a bunch of tentacles wrapped around your computer after you install it like with Norton or McAfee.

Guess I may consider an alternative since this expires later in December