Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter - Maxed out graphics

PCG Hardware has taken screenshots of Serious Sam HD: First Encounter with maximal details and 4x Supersampling. They also compare Minimal, Medium and Ultra graphics settings as well as the original game with the HD remake.

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Cajun Chicken3304d ago

Impressive, although. I doubt this articles credibility because of the included screenshot of Second Encounter.

meetajhu3303d ago

The game looks better than most of the current gen games. I maxed it out! Still a kickass game!

LoLZoRz3303d ago

one of the better looking games imo

LightofDarkness3303d ago

It's been 2 years since Crysis now. 2 flippin' years. And THIS is the best they can do? PC devs just aren't putting in the effort any more. I mourn for my beloved platform. I've spent more time PC gaming than any other platform ever. Heck, I was nearly PC ONLY from 1997 thru 2006. With the exception of the odd RPG or quirky game (or even Halo), my consoles were rarely switched on. I had my eyes set on the Half-Lifes, Quakes, Dooms, Unreals of the world and their many, many mods. Diablo, Total Annihilation, Starcraft, Jedi Knight... such bitter sweet memories... GOD DAMN YOU, XBOX 360!! DAMN YOU TA HELLLLLLL!!!

Leviathon64253303d ago

lol at the video at the bottom of the page

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