Italy wants to jail Google executives

Italian prosecutors are looking to jail four Google executives for up to a year for allowing an internet video showing the bullying of a teenager with Down Syndrome to be seen on a Google video site.

The four have been on trial in a Milan court over the video. Prosecutors argue Google had a legal responsibility to prevent it being shown and yet it stayed on the site for nearly two months in late 2006.

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Winter47th3253d ago

What is wrong with people today, if I was there I'd probably throw a chair at the bully's head or something, just don't stand there doing nothing you f'ing pussies!

Darkfocus3253d ago

The Internet really opens your eyes to the amount of horrible things people are capable of even in this day and age.

Shotgun_Roamer3252d ago

google is just the scapegoat for everything these days, if there's an internet problem there's a google conspiracy. ( i second the picture from "monopoly" which most people view google as, nice choice)

Proxy3252d ago

So what service or industry does google have such control over that other people can't participate in? They may be the best, but others can still participate in the internet, search engines, email, data services. Until google controls these industries, they are not a monopoly by definition.

callahan093252d ago

Google is definitely NOT a monopoly. There are other search engines (Bing, Yahoo, etc.), there are other browsers (FireFox, Opera, IE), there are other OS's (Windows, OS X, various Linux-based systems), there are other video hosting services, other e-mail services, there is not one aspect of their business that they have a monopoly over.

Millah3252d ago

Lol Google is not even close to a Monopoly. If anything, their competitors at Microsoft do more monopolistic behavior than Google. Microsoft bought out any close competitor (Yahoo) to ensure they could remain the exclusive competition to Google in the search business. Thats how monopolists behave.

sikbeta3252d ago

YEAH RIGHT and M$ is the most friendly non competitive Company in the world Bwahahahahaahahaha!!!!!

Think before you write or say something....

About the Article, F*cking idiots, GOD this people is f*cking screwed

PinkUni3252d ago

what italy is trying to do is censor that sh!t and thats kinda stupid

its denying what is going on in the world

i think thats why so many people are attracted to 4chan
because you see things that no other site shows you

it seems like they saw the video and got so shook up about it they wanted to blame some people for it, when really its not anyone's fault except the people who did it and maybe their financial situation

what this really turns out to look like is the italian government trying to bring down google

and its really brings up some conspiracy theories when google' OS just came out

Shotgun_Roamer3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

tell me another search company that buys up as much of the market as google does, or a startup that has any success with google in play. I mean, Microsoft has revamped theirs (search taskbar) at least three times to no avail. If they can't do it then there's no way any new comers are going to bust in and make a splash.

i never said i did (believe itt is a monopoly) but a lot of search companies seem to

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Skynetone3252d ago

and put them in with 'big BOB'

horris363252d ago

This has got to be a joke?

thief3252d ago

So why arent they arresting the dozen people who allowed this to happen? They are the ones to blame, not Google. And Google do not have the obligation to remove videos because it might offend someone or is illegal (though this one seems pretty bad) - which is why you see so much pirated stuff like movies - but they do remove stuf if someone points it out. They dont do a great job of responding to complaints, partly because of the number I guess.

Its typically Italy really - corrupt country with a paedophile head of state, and the whole media is controled by Berlusconi and/or the mafia, I bet they just feel annoyed that Google is beyond their control

Caffo013252d ago

I'm Italian and i think Berlusconi should go to jail...but you can't say that's "typically Italy"
and it's the south of Italy that is controlled by the mafia..not the north!(see Milan in the article)
anyway this has nothing to do with google!
maybe the jail is a little to much but i think they should have removed the video..

dragonelite3252d ago

Come on people dont have respect for other people anymore.
They even attack ambulance personal taking care of a friend that is at the brink of dieing atleast that was in the news one time in holland.

Parapraxis3252d ago

So I guess if I go put up a video on YouTube that some people find offensive (yes I agree that this video must have been awful, that's not my point) And the YouTube people fail to remove it for a few months it is then THEY who are responsible for my actions?
This is an absolute logic failure, and I really hope the Google guys make a point of making that crystal clear.

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