Australia Sees Sharp Increase in PS3/TV Bundle Sales

Seems like the recession may actually be over, as shoppers start spending big money for the holiday season. One Australian retailer is showing a sharp increase in PS3 and TV bundle sales.

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rtonaey3305d ago

sales and everything else

gaffyh3305d ago

Is there anyone from Australia that can confirm this?

sa_nick3305d ago

I was talking to a dude at JB HiFi about the deal and he was saying the Bravia range has been selling like crazy. If I hadn't just spent $2000 on a sound system I would picked up one of the W5500's and a ps3 right away.

Bryla843305d ago

Yup, I own a Ps3 and i was tempted to get one of these deals. Awesome value with a strong Aussie dollar ATM

J-Train3305d ago

and i am a merchandiser for playstation. its mostly all true.

playstation did have 25000 to give away and they went very quickly. the bit about them adding an extra 10000 is i believe wrong. initially i put up posters etc with 25000 on them, then a week ago i put up posters with 10000 on them. this is where the confusion is i think.

the 10000 posters was just an update on how many left

it only took about a week for the last 10000 to go.

sony will now be offering a stand alone bluray player starting next week