Absolute Games' Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

Absolute Games review Nathan Drakes' current quest.

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iMad3276d ago

lowering the average score..:)

NateNater3276d ago

Just had enough time to finally beat this game yesterday. Now I gotta play through again with doughnut drake XD

This game deserves way more than an 89! WTF is wrong with these people!?

nan03276d ago

I guess the dudes who reviewed it just took off 10 imaginary points to look cool.

It's funny because, I wonder what they consider 9.5+. Doesn't matter, since their opinion is obviously flawed. Yes, opinion.

mintaro3276d ago

I don't see why it cant be an 89/100.

DonCorneo3276d ago

one of the Laws of nature states that you can't give uncharted 2 a score lower than 9. these guys here are going against the fundamentals of the universe..

DigitalAnalog3276d ago

HAAAIIIIIIII.....whatever the score, they better come with a good excuse to why any other "future" games will get 90 and above considering I've seen nothing but praises in this review.

-End Statement

Towers763276d ago

Seeing as these clowns were going for site hits posting flame bait like this it would have made more sense to have released this dumbass review a month ago instead of right now. When you're this late to the party then it's safe to say this site will be joining the rest of the garbage gaming websites the internet seems infested with these days. I swear you can't open up your browser anymore without tripping over yet another obscure and crappy video game website. Thanks a lot N4G!!