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callahan093279d ago

Are there actually 10 this time? Last time they decided to make this list really early in the console's life and not put 10 games on the list to make the PS3 look bad.

mint royale3279d ago

Haha well theres 9 this time and a blu ray movie. At least most of their comments are in jest. But if some people don't realise this it appears to be a very fanboyish trailer.

gaffyh3279d ago

It's a very fanboyish video, don't bother watching it. They missed out a lot of exclusives and included Superman Blu-Ray (which is one of the worst films available).

GT are pathetic, I know they are trying to be funny and provoke a reaction, but they fail so hard. It's like they are trying to copy the PS3 ads.

ThatCanadianGuy3279d ago

Much like the commenter below me..

Gametrailers is just so full of fail.

table3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I don't think it's that fanboyish. As mint royale said, they were being facetious. It just annoys me when sites make 360 exclusive lists and include games that you could say are PC exclusive. I play most 360 games on PC then I get accused of being a fanboy when I say things like it is a PC exclusive or that I'm going to get the game on PC. Hypocrisy.

rockleex3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

They never fail at failing.

SuperStrokey11233279d ago

I think alot of you are missing that Screwattack made this and not GT and also that screwattack is about making people laugh, its not overly serious and shouldnt be taken as such. You people need a sense of humour.

-GametimeUK-3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Is Superman on BluRay still on the list? Their last list was amazingly funny... SCREWATTACK FTW!

(edit) OMG Superman IS on the list hahahahaha

Nice to see Warhawk made the cut... So under appreciated these days but its the best Multiplayer game so far for me :)

ico923279d ago

the superman blu -ray was a pretty lame joke

Saaking3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Wow GT are a bunch of morons. I really, really hate them. How about they make a list for the 360. I bet you at LEAST half of them will be multiplat (PC/360).

And seriously wtf at putting a movie in there? Superman II is awesome but this is about GAMES. This reeks of fanboyism.

Godmars2903279d ago

You guys need to stop taking Screwattack seriously. I did long ago.

SuperStrokey11233279d ago

@ Saaking

Yeah... GT are the morons... for a video they didnt even make.

Reibooi3279d ago

That retarded movie should be replaced with Valkyria Chronicle hands down.

Mindboggle3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

No you are the moron sir.

Do you ever go on any other gaming website apart from N4G, where your constantly trolling.

Screwattack is one of the best gaming websites for true gamers who have been playing since the days of the atari/nes/sega etc. Not for people like you and the majority of this website who probably only just started a few years ago and jumped on the Xbox vs Playstation wagon.

They are a comedy website and are always poking fun at newer consoles as they specalize in retro consoles. Its a not about fanboyism its about comedy. Get a sense of humor...

ico923279d ago

yes your right scrwattack is about jokes but look at it in this way, they've been poking fun at the ps3 for over 2 years saying it sucks, it has no games(early in its life btw) now that the ps3's is on a roll now and scince september has been gathering a hell of alot of positive media attention you would expect by now, that even they would start taking it seriously, but by thrwoing in superman 2 blu ray is pretty lame i understand it was a joke but the truth is it really wasnt funny and there are tons of great exclusives out on the system right now that could have taken that place motorstorm 2,valkyriya chronicles,the 1st uncharted,heavanley sword, heck even Prologue , it just wasnt a very funny joke

cyberwaffles3279d ago

can't but feel like they missed a lot of other good titles.

yog-sothot3279d ago

why are there so many "disagrees" to post 1.1 ?

I mean... It's true, there is indeed a movie in the list, it's just a joke fom screwattack, no big deal.

vickers5003279d ago

"Screwattack is one of the best gaming websites for true gamers who have been playing since the days of the atari/nes/sega etc. Not for people like you and the majority of this website who probably only just started a few years ago and jumped on the Xbox vs Playstation wagon."

Yeah, because every one knows you can't be a true gamer unless you were around during the retro games.


Idiot. I guess then by that logic, that you are not a true fan of movies or music since you weren't around in the 1800's. To you, a true gamer has to have been born in a certain generation.

PS3Freak3279d ago

The trailor made me laugh, and there was alot of great games on the list. no complaints here.

Saaking3279d ago


perhaps I'm not as much a veteran as some (my first console was the NES, wasn't around during the atari days), but that still doesn't change the fact that these guys are biased against PS3.

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MajestieBeast3279d ago

They could have filled that spot up with so many insane exclusives but instead they tried another lame joke with superman the movie heck some psn games are good enough for the top10 i wonder when they gonna do a best psn/xbla list.

Timesplitter143279d ago

Make #3 Valkyria Chronicles and remove superman

Bodyboarder_VGamer3279d ago

Best jrpg this gen and is not on the list. FAIL.

Perkel3279d ago

@ body

it's not jrpg !!! it's SRPG

next time try modern warfare call driving game if you think that valkyria is jrpg

Da One3279d ago

regardless of the sub genre (SRPG, ARPG, regular RPG )

Timesplitter143279d ago

Don't you think you're being a bit too harsh?

raztad3279d ago

VC is not a Strategy RPG is more like a mix of Tactic with realtime third person elements. In fact VC resist to be classified in one single genre.

I agree we can call it Japanese RPG.

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thehitman3279d ago

not click link dont even want to know...

tdrules3279d ago

i find it funny that people call Screwattack fanboys.
fanboys like certain consoles, they dont XD

Godmars2903279d ago

From what little I've ever seen of Screwattack I always assumed they were into reto-gaming. Only surfaced into the here and now to make PS3 jokes.

This top ten doesn't change that opinion, but it was funny.

hatchimatchi3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

screwattack is all about what gaming used to be. Playing games and joking around. Nowadays people are so uptight about screen tears and frame rate dips, which multiplat looks better on which console, etc.

It's pathetic. People would rather play sales and framerates over what is fun to play. How many games had slowdown on the nes/genesis/snes but no one cared cause the games were fun.

Gamers this generation are by far the most annoying and pathetic that they've ever been. The console rivalries used to be entertaining but now their just overwhelming and ridiculous.