Kingdom Under Fire II In-Game Footage

Brand new footage from the upcoming Kingdom Under Fire II, which is being shown at the G Star expo in Korea.

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thetamer3280d ago

G Star! Ha, what a name for a game convention. It should be called the T Star.

Fyzzu3280d ago

As long as it's better than Circle of Doom, I'll be happy. It's still maintaining the same art-style, though, which is nice to see :)

Budg3tG4m3r3280d ago

Circle of Doom was the worst game I ever played on the 360, it gets the number 1 prize for suck.

LONEWOLF2313279d ago

Yep i agree, the first two KUF were the best!

Maticus3280d ago


Loved the first KUF games, it seems I've been waiting for this an age. Can't wait to see the westernised version though ;)

Leord3280d ago

Problem with westernised version is that they often make things westernised :P

I mean in some cases they have quite gracefully done the change, but others - not so much :(

Malfurion3280d ago

Awesome looking game - when is it out, does anyone know? Can't find any details on it other than some time next year.

Maticus3280d ago

Not sure, it must be close now judging by the footage, although the localisation might take some time.

Medievaldragon3280d ago

That was a very interesting video. Feels epic with all those mobs and sword fights. Nothing like WoW where you have to move around to find mobs.

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The story is too old to be commented.