Is Sony about to open up PS3/PSP for third party applications?

The new PSP firmware points to future development for both the PSP and the PS3 that could be good news for third party developers.

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NateNater3220d ago

I'll take 3rd party PS3/PSP apps any day. Bring it on Sony!

Dutch Boogie3220d ago

Make it happen Sony. Any feature will be welcomed.

UltimateSin3220d ago

Great Idea! Many Possibilities!

Microsoft Xbox 3603220d ago

DO IT SONY! I fully support this idea. It brought tons of revenue and success for the iPhone and it should do wonders for the PS3.

ThanatosDMC3220d ago

I'm curious when more of those Uncharted comic/movie thing will come out.

I cant wait for Hulk comics!

ABizzel13220d ago

It would be wise. It will be great for PS owners, and it would extend the life of the PSP, giving them another 2 years before the PSP 2 has to be launched.

PinkUni3220d ago

1 they need something to write on
something like msword

2 pda type stuff for organization, have a calander that tells you "oh its robbies birthday today" or "you have a meeting today" right when you turn it on,

3 they need editors, photo/ movie editors

4 something to draw, maybe put it right on the messangers so you can write and draw stuff next to it

5 making all the mainstream messengers available, skype aim yahoo or maybe just one just something thats outside of ps3 only people

6 extremely quick to jump in an play games
have like pool or poker that litterally takes a milisecond to load and is always online

7 facebook integration with the buddylist and messangers
-instead of having a personal psn icon they will have a facebook icon or a yahoo icon making the buddylist a sort of adress book

Narutone663220d ago

I want apps to play MKV files.

Maddens Raiders3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

it's PS3 not a PDA. That's why I have a Blackberry Curve. Now, not everything you stated is discounted though: #5, #3 are good ideas (you know that Skype is available on the PSP already, so on the PS3 is not far fetched at all with new app after FW update).. a movie editor would be nice, but you're talking about running programs on the PS3 which will degrade it's primary focus of playing games....and there is already a simple pic editor that you can go into now and manipulate pics.

"they really need to get down the basics so they get into mainstream coputer buisness" you do realize that they already are in the mainstream computer business, right?

anyway, I hope the apps continue to grow on both the PSP and PS3. I saw the comics reader on after my PSP update the other day and was very excited as I am a big comics Marvel fan. Looks like Sony is waging another one of their, "10 year campaigns" on us again.

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MetalGearRising3220d ago

Awesome can't wait to send a virus.

U-asked-for-it3220d ago

this is the first time you made LMAO ... your pathetic trolling attempts are sad.
you know what ? here's a bubble :)
you need to post more sh!t like this .. just for the laughs

Xlll3220d ago

You couldn't even fill out a redeem code let alone code a virus.

gareno3220d ago

This would be awesome on PS3!!

-Alpha3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Don't third party apps exist illegally? Or are they just making it legal now? I dont understand...

Oh, or is it just people making their own apps like the iPhone?

It would be a pretty good decision for third party apps. It would pretty much make the PSP the more hardcore version of the iPhone (assuming apps include games too)

It would be spectacular on the PS3. But Sony should make it ONLY accessible to Premium owners because it would make the value of Premium membership worth more.

With a new stream of profit from Premium services Sony can do wonders with third party apps on a console... in fact it would be pretty revolutionary on consoles wouldnt it?

-Alpha3220d ago

Your right. Sony should offer a Premium service that doesn't have benefits.


Like it or not Sony is planning on having a premium service that offers exclusive features for people that pay. If they ever allow third party apps it would be a great reason to pay for PSN Premium.

TotalPS3Fanboy3220d ago

renting movies, comics, etc.

With apps, you're already going to pay for each app anyway, just like apps on the iPhone.


Companies that make these apps will either want them to be paid for as in buying said app or if they're free, make them so everybody can have it thus increase the value of said program so if it's supported by ads, the ad base will have a bigger consumer base to show said ads too.

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