GRTV: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow interview

Gamereactor talked to Konami's Dave Cox, head of European development, about Mercury Steam's upcoming Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

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Dipso3308d ago

Game looks fantastic but I have to pull the guy up on this quote "What was Castlevania when it first came out? It was an action game, a little bit of platforming, a little bit of puzzle solving.." A little bit of platforming my ass, the original Castlevania and Super Castlevania 4 (which he cites as the main inspiration) have absolutely tons of platforming, one of the biggest problems with Iga's 3D attempts was the lack of platforming. I hope this game has at least the same amount of platforming as GOW 1.

netherbound3308d ago

I like how he talked about pulling from Ninja Gaiden and GOW, but with the number of times he said GOW it really worries me that there might be QuickTime events (I really hate QT events).
If's it like NG and GOW w/o QT events, plus throwing in some CV2 Simon's Quest kind (and current Gen Ninja Gaiden) RPG stuff, then I'm gold ;)

Antan3307d ago

We had QTE`s in Jericho aswell, but not too many so i wouldn`t worry about how many or how MS will implement.

andron3307d ago

I read an interview in EDGE and they said they didn't wan't to include QTE's. They were aiming for SotC climbing on giant enemies action and interaction...

tweet753307d ago

I think the new ninja gaiden is a good idea of what Castlevania LOS has the potential to be, maybe better. I thought ninja gaiden was great back in the NES days. The new ninja gaidens really feel the same tranfered to 3d with somewhat deeper gameplay and a few puzzles thrown in. With improvments that are more realistic like not cutting things out of the air and having shops and hidden treasures to find. Although I hope LOS has some candles to cut down or it wouldnt feel like Castlevania.

Gothdom3307d ago

After listening to this dude, I like how he is in interview. A bit of his opinions, a bit of facts, clearly disconnected from one another.

I'm now more interested in the game than before. I think they may be pulling an "uncharted 2" of the multiplatform, i.e. an amalgam of stuff seen before to create one amazing single player experience.

Also, citing Super Castlevania 4, which was my favorite, is like saying "hey, super nes players, we have heard you!"

Let's wait and see.

iNcRiMiNaTi3307d ago

I grew up playing SOTN as my "1st" castlevania completed but i did watch my older brother playing ealier ones, especially super castlevania IV. it was just too difficult for me at the time and SOTN helped me out more when i was little since it didnt have time and i wasnt just limited to a whip and powerup, i was able to choose my arsenal. I have yet to finish SCIV but from what ive played on the emulator was pretty good. i think the one memory i have about that game watching my older brother play it was that theres this invisible platform right before u go in to fight dracula and it rains all the powerups on u as well as hearts if u stand on it.

Katana Yamato3307d ago

Wow! A PR person that actually makes sense and gives his own opinions. Super Castlevania 4 is a really good game, its good to hear they're going after that type of gameplay. This guy should be hired by all companies to tout there games. Good Interview!

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