Gamereactor: Epic Mickey preview

Gamereactor has published a preview of the Wii exclusive Epic Mickey after meeting with Warren Spector at an event in London.

Here is an excerpt:

"Design-wise, it's a homerun. Epic Mickey is unique, dark and really creative. Cartoon Wasteland is far from a happy Disney world and Warren Spector ensures us during the presentation that "we haven't even shown you the really dark places yet". That Spector's crew has taken these liberties and gone for something more mature is very welcome indeed, and the possibility to create a more angry Mickey feels strangely alluring. The question then arises, will Junction Point and Disney reach out to the younger players with this approach?

- We'll reach the young players simply by making Epic Mickey a game, and not for instance a movie or a comic book. The Wii is a strong platform among young gamers and in spite of the premise we're counting on reaching both young people and the ones in there mid-twenties, Warren Spector tells Gamereactor."

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