Codemasters: Online multiplayer the reason why people choose 360/PS3

Codemasters' James Wakelam has said that "online multiplayer is absolutely why" people choose to pick up Xbox 360 and PS3 over any other console, and that the reason for not including an online mode in the Wii version of F1 2009 is because the majority of Wii gamers "are looking for a social experience that can involve all of the family".

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Lucreto3306d ago

That is not the many reason for me.

I got my PS3 for the wide variety of excellent single player games.

I never liked multiplayer all that much. I usually got board of it after a day or two.

presto7173306d ago

There is nothing important xbl has that psn lacks. Why do people keep talking out of their asses?

edhe3306d ago

Amazingly off topic. Got a complex?

raztad3306d ago

What that guy is saying may be true for xbox owners but I dont it is for most PS3's.

Good looking HD games, mature storylines, variety are my primary reasons. Online comes later.

HDgamer3306d ago

I got mines for the online multiplayer, the HD gaming and the games that I like on the ps3. MGS4 and MGO can last me a long time

HammockGames3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

Online multiplayer is more of a secondary consideration for me as well.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy online MP when I play. But I enjoy a well crafted, immersive SP experience over MP the vast majority of the time.

What I don't get is the need for devs nowadays to feel like they have to weave online MP into every game. For some of them it's just a bad fit. I'd prefer they polish the SP to perfection (as much as they can) rather than tacking on MP that's not well executed.

raztad3306d ago

Thankfully UC2 got an incredible multiplayer component, but still many Sony's games are SP only. inFAMOUS, ACiT, Heavy Rain, GoW3, TLG. I'd gladly pay for them because they offer an experience you cant find in any online match.

A game that is getting quite a tacked on multiplayer component is BioShock 2. BioShock is a SP experience. Amazing. Perhaps some sort of coop could make sense but competitive, just to please the multiplayer junkies is a waste of resources.

NecrumSlavery3306d ago

Check out Bioshock 2's MP. It is not tacked on. It's made by a seperate development team with it's own story. I assume the MP kind of sets around the fall of Rapture. It's a nice feature, and since they kept the MP seperate, they can focus on the story. Yes of course Bioshock is a single player experience. I welcome MP and Co-Op challenge rooms, but never campaign co-op. Bioshock should always remain a single player story.

HammockGames3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

I share your concern about Bioshock 2. The original was amazing and a game I played through multiple times. It just never got old.

The online multiplayer component to Bioshock 2 sounds to me like it could be shoehorned in more so than a natural fit. If they pull it off, color me impressed. But if it takes away from the SP, I'm going to be royally disappointed.

Tangent to that, I'm concerned how many teams are working on Bioshock 2 now as well. I know each team has their own tasks, but coupled with the delay, I hope this doesn't mean the sequel ends up being a mish-mash let down - I've really been looking forward to this game... Maybe I'll be wrong and each component - both SP and MP - will be even better with dedicated teams. Fingers crossed on this one.

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They better Not take single player out, single player is ways fun and different. multiplayer is always the same shoot, run, hide and talk alot of smack to the other player. gaming won't be the same if they take single player away. Most of history best games are single player. I hope single player stays for a long time to come.

Solbadguy3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

is the main reason why I have a 360/PS3. I'm also a PC gamer playing on high resolutions with max or almost max settings so anything below 360/PS3 graphics I won't go back to unless the price is right.

The reason I sold my Nintendo Wii was that the price of the games were too high for what I was willing to spend on SD content. For the same price I could get a new release PC game or for 10$ more I could get a game on 360/PS3. Not only will it play nicely it will also look good on a HD set too.

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