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The 13306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )


I lol'd at BIOWARE saying we have a little treat for ME fans and some(few) ME fans, PS3 media and PS fanboys blow the announcement out of proportion and then were let down for whatever reasons.

Anyways this class looks like fun kind of like FORCE POWERS the way they should have been done in Star Wars movies.

Polluted3305d ago

Wow, the graphics look a LOT better, imo. If the pop-in is fixed

Question: Wasn't this already a class in ME1? I played a Vanguard, but I swear there were adepts around in that game too.

Don't bite my head off ME hardcores. It's been a while since I played it.

Nihilism3305d ago

yeah they had adepts, i'm pretty sure they were the hybrid tech and biotic, their reveal would probably be just to show off new powers etc

lord_of_balrogs3305d ago

Apparantly armor and weapon restrictions are no longer there. What's the point in playing a soldier now if the adept can have all the weapons and heavy armor.

003305d ago

your a military commander and one of the best the humans have yet you can wear a few extra pounds in armor? I bet rookies could lift more than adapt Shepard.

PatDH3305d ago

Wow, it's looking great :) Never played ME1.. but ohwell. Looks awesome!

Mr Exclusive3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

PS3 superior version unveiled.

The 13305d ago

LOL you think PS3 can run non cartoony games of this quality lol

Why Dat3305d ago

@ The 1

So now it's about exclusives? HA! You Xbots flip-flop way too much. Btw, if all you guys can talk about is ME2 and Natal, there isn't any competition for Nintendo and Sony this and next year (and beyond for sure).

You are truly a brain deficient child. I don't care if the Mods delete this, they are just a bunch of Xbot elitists anyways.

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