New Okamiden trailer

The second trailer for Okamiden on the Nintendo DS.

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Julie3125d ago

Lovely Amy how cute she looks as a puppy ! :3

ia_studio3125d ago


blizzard_cool3125d ago

I love Okami but I'm still upset there ain't a version for the consoles :*(

gumgum993125d ago

Its available for Wii and PS2.

RealityCheck3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

I was upset at first also but not anymore for two reasons:

1. They look to have made a good job at incorporating almost all the Okami gameplay elements in this game and it looks decent for a handheld

2. By releasing a new game, even though a handheld one, they will increase exposure of Okami to more gamers and make a future sequel more likely, maybe one day on consoles again. It's a better alternative than letting this great franchise die.

gumgum993125d ago

Wow, this game looks gorgeous!

SpoonyRedMage3125d ago

Between this, Spirit Tracks, Tsumiji, Crystal Bearers and Monster Hunter 3 my Action/Adventure needs are being fulfilled nicely on the Nintendo systems!

Lucreto3125d ago

Don't forget Golden Sun.

SpoonyRedMage3125d ago

Well Golden Sun's an RPG and it'd be near impossible to list all of the upcoming DS RPGs.:D

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