Tekken 6 online patch is live

From PS3 Attitude: "Tekken fans rejoice, the Tekken 6 online patch is finally here!

But does it fix the problems that plague online? We'll know soon enough…"


From PS3 Attitude: "does it fix the problems that plague online? For the most part, yes. We've played more than a dozen matches and we have some initial impressions to share."

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mrb3ar3132d ago

happy thanksgiving, everyone!

on topic:
This is great news. I'm happy Namco is addressing these issues because the online experience really isn't up to par with some of the competition (i.e. Street Fighter 4)

Delriach3132d ago

After playing for a few hours and getting in around 40 or so matches since the patch came out, I can easily say that Tekken 6's online is incredibly playable now.

If anyone has been holding out on this game due to the crappy online, you will be happy to know that it's awesome now!

rockleex3132d ago

It seemed like Tekken 6 had much more lag than Dark Resurrection online.

Good thing they fixed it now.

krisq3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Completely changed online for me. If you play with green bars players, the lag is almost non-existant. You can actually block on reaction and break throws now. Good job Namco!

VirusOz3132d ago

Now i won't have people say im cheating lol

Socomer 19793132d ago

I can now have tekken sessions again!
Tekken has been collecting dust since release because I could not stay connected during a fight.
Can't wait to try it out.

3130d ago