Star Wars: Battlefront 3 not cancelled? New screens emerged

Some new screenshots from Battlefront 3.

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SB_tanker3308d ago

I'm 99.9 percent sure BF3 is the game that'll be revealed on Dec 12. It has to be. I've waited too damn long for this game to come out. God forbid if its another Force Unleashed or Clone Wars game. Even if its not Battlefront III, another Jedi Knight or KOTOR III would be pretty cool too.

Nihilism3308d ago

If it's battlefront 3 i'll go ape shizzle, we could certainly do much worse

DeadlyFire3306d ago

I am pretty sure that it is one of two things on December 12th.

One being BattleFront 3 and the other being Force Unleashed 2.

I would hope its Battlefront 3 if that is the case. Maybe by Crytek. The frame rate in the screens certainly makes me wonder if its on CryEngine 3. Pandemic isn't making it. That is certain now as they are shut down. Rebellion might be though. Just a wait and see game now.

I would hope Lucasarts would be smart to revisit Jedi Knight and KOTOR series one day. I am doubtful they would though.

Ultimarad3308d ago

I sure hope it's true, Battlefront is one of my favourite series of games. I was disappointed when I heard number 3 was canceled.

D4RkNIKON3308d ago

Awesome awesome awesome... Awesome awesome! I want a next gen BF!!

NickTheGreek1233308d ago

hope its true love the series

W-k3308d ago

oh man SWBF3!!! would be so awesome, last gen that was all i was playing online most of the time,I bought the game twice, on pc and ps2 now if this game comes out everyone gonna think I'm a star wars nerd playing it all the time xD oh well, may the force be with you :D

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The story is too old to be commented.