Voice Acting in Zelda: The Case for a Vocal Link

When the Zelda series was first created Link was silent, but since then, things have changed.

Could it be that now is the time for the series to take that extra step further?

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Xander-RKoS3305d ago

I don't think Link needs to talk, since more or less he represents the player as opposed to an actual character.

Other characters however, if they had voice acting it would only be enhance the experience.

ChickeyCantor3305d ago


Just like they did in half life 2( its the best example i can think of)
The world can talk to link, as link should STFU.

multipayer3304d ago

Isn't there still the possibility that freeman is mute? At least I think it would be a cool twist.

Zelda however needs to move out of the text scrolling age, even if everyone else talks and link only makes expressions. Perhaps the player could control the outcome of some conversation by looking bold, or sad etc.

The Great Melon3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

I agree with you all, Link should should continue to be the silent hero much like Gordan Freeman. Both are games from opposite ends of the spectrum, but neither are adversely impacted by the lack of a voice for the main character.


The Legend of Zelda series has always conveyed stuff through exaggerated expressions. This is especially apparent in the games like Wind Waker. I could see the addition of facial expressions working really well. It's sort of like conversation options, but I feel the controlling the face would be something that suits the Legend of Zelda much more.

ChickeyCantor3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

Links needs to shut up, its the only way i know that dude.
If they add a voice, link is dead xD.

Bad actor = bad voice = annoying link = stupid link = not cool bro.

DragoonCody3305d ago

Localization Manager for the Zelda Series Bill Trinen - "“If we were to try to do voice acting, I would expect not just the best voice acting you get in videogames, but really high-quality, movie-caliber acting, and obviously that’s very difficult to do.”"

Quality of voice acting won't be a problem.

Shnazzyone3304d ago

Not so much worried about link sounding stupid as completely unconvinced this is somehow important to Links progression as a character. Let's just let the people who have done that character justice for years make that call. As fans we're biased anyhow. All I know is I'm perfectly satisfied with links vocalizations limited to the sounds he makes as he swings his sword and uses his weapons. Additionally.... I dont think anyone in hyrule needs to speak either. Text works just fine and always has... it leaves room for a little thing called imagination. Look it up!

Aquarius3304d ago

When I was younger, I didn't like reading books with no pictures because it didn't make any sense but when I got older, well yeah you can use your imagination. ( lol the stuff you think in your child-hood )

Link became a fully 3-D character over ten years ago. With LOZ:TP he now looks more mature, so why the hell can't he speak!!! I mean THEY HAVE MADE him MORE mature.

I would hate to read an adaption of the LOZ, how dull would that be? I mean there are book versions of films.

I say they should just keep Link silent in the handheld games but make him speak in the console games or why can't they keep LINK silent and develop a new IP that has a character than can speak for once. Samus can't even speak. I'm alright with that but make new IPs Nintendo.

Shnazzyone3304d ago

How is link appearing more mature at all relevant in this topic. Personally, since legend of zelda is a thinking mans game then perhaps it's best to keep the dialogue as text. That barrier of literacy means we don't have to listen to the incessant whining of people too dumb to play or understand the game. That is a valid strength in my book. Oh.. and samus doesn't need to speak either, but seeing as the person already voicing her is so bloody skilled that is one character I would not mind hearing speak.

Lavalamp3304d ago

Once a silent protagonist, always a silent protagonist.

dalibor3304d ago

There are some games that have the main character eventually have a voice. I'm pretty sure the first 3 GTA games had the main character not have a voice but Vice City changed that. That's all I can think of for now. Oh & maybe Mech Warrior. Not sure about MW though.

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