Britxbox: Podcast Expansion Pack 45

Britxbox writes: "Can you believe that we're almost at 50 episodes Technically we're past that with the old series but still, it's pretty cool right? Almost 3 years Britxbox has been hitting your MP3 player or keeping you company during work. What should we do to celebrate this when the time comes? Post a comment or give me an email at: [email protected] if you would like to have your thoughts on us hitting 50 read on the show.

This week, the regular Expansion Pack Crew talks about:

Assassin's Creed 2
New fighters announced for Super Street Fighter IV
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition details
Datel suing Microsoft for memory monopoly
Project Gotham Racing 5?
No More Heroes 360 announced!
Games allow us to commit war crimes, but who cares?
Australia's edited Left 4 Dead 2 laughs

Keep in mind, if things go right, our 50th show should be during the last week of the year. Game of the Year edition for the 50th show perhaps? Again, let us know."

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