Dragon Ball Raging Blast DLC Release List

Namco Bandai has announced that it will release a series of free DLC packs for Dragon Ball: Raging Blast on the 360 and PS3. The first pack in the series is now available on PlayStationNetwork and will be ready for download from Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360 on Nov. 26, 2009.

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Blaze9293279d ago

There's nothing sweet about this stuff. Its the same bs Namco Bandai pulled with Ultimate Ninja Storm - KB sized DLC labeled as "free" to make them look good.

This is nothing bust custom "settings" for characters probably already on the disc. I got all excited for nothing. I was expecting characters and new stories

Valay3279d ago

I guess free is better than nothing.

Battlefield3279d ago

Agreed with Valay, at least we get DLC and at least it's free.

pumal3279d ago

Is this the first DBZ game to get DLC? I think it is...?

Madusha3279d ago

I think it is, there hasn't been many DBZ games on the PS3 or 360 so yeah.

ThanatosDMC3278d ago

They should have been able to fit that on the disk... weird. I just hope we dont see a DBZ budokai/tenkaichi game that has a DLC that you pay for... that'll just be BS.

X_iGame_X3278d ago

DBZ games are getting far too repetitive, i'm quite surprised they sell at all.

Each game gets nothing new other than a few new characters and similar maps. The story isn't bad but again repetitive.

The graphics are pretty much exactly the same, why don't they ditch the DBZ styled graphics and go for next-gen graphics...that would sell huge.
I used to love the series but now it's falling apart with games becoming exactly like the previous titles.

Madusha3278d ago

I loved the first few games, I gotta agree with you on most parts...they need to add more stuff we've never seen before.

Shendow3278d ago

I pick my copy up the day of MW2 an played it an didn't like how you couldn't lock on to who you are fighting.

They need to fix that an make a auto lock on or something, other then that an have to get stars to buy more of the story's, it is a good game.

Madusha3278d ago

Wow you can't even lock on...good I didn't buy this one... got em all until Tenkaichi 2

Arsenal4Ever3278d ago

lol Madusha, play the game before you speak, seriously.

"You can't even lock on" LOL

DevilWillCry2893278d ago

Wait, they haven't fix the lock on yet since the demo? I played the demo and the game didn't have any lock on which was the only annoying thing.

Hidden Star3278d ago

What are you people talking about? You don't need to lock on, it does it automatically.

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