Why Reviewers Can't Say Anything Anymore

DualShockers writes:

"Gamers, we have a problem. As you relax right now, casually using those precious eyes to read this article, there is an epidemic plaguing our society. An epidemic that is raping us of our dignity, and pillaging us of opinion. Its "coming to light" has not been subtle either – we, as a nation, have been aware of this quandary for many a year and what have we done? Nothing… nothing….

Have you ever found yourself uttering the words: 'I'm not a fan-boy, but…'?"

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taz80803309d ago

Lol at "I'm not a fan boy but" famous last words.

Madusha3309d ago

Good article, worth reading ; that's daulshockers in one word 'great'.

deadreckoning6663309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Great Article.

"I just don’t understand why these people feel the need to spend hours of their life making sure they cuddle everyone who shares their devotion to a game, and rape everybody else!."

Exactly. Fanboys are ignorant and insensitive people that don't know the meaning of respecting others opinions. Their such cowards. MOST of them only talk crap on the Internet and wouldn't dare do it in real life and then when you try to reason with them they call you a fanboy in their defense.

Julie3309d ago

Is this the same guy and website who wrote:

"Why does Uncharted 2 have to be… so lame?" just to get hits?

Isn't that a fanboy title? the irony...

JoelT3309d ago

All you are doing is reinforcing his point on fan boys(or girls). It's because of people like you that writers aren't entitled to display their own opinions. That piece was an editorial, like this one. If you want to keep reading the same stuff why don't you go read the latest top 10 list on the main page. This whole "article" thing may be a little too grown up for you.

Julie3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

He can express his opinion i agree with that everyone is free , but he went like crazy even insulting everyone on that article , his comments had to get deleted for the bad and offensive languaje, and thats why he got all that hate i assume.

You can express yourself without insults or without using fanboy titles for the only reason to get hits, btw you can look at my story and see all my comments i am no fangirl , i enjoy games no matter the platform :)

Btw you can keep trying to be smart putting people down with your comments:

"This whole "article" thing may be a little too grown up for you."

Seems like you all from that site are the same and have anger issues , mabe is the age

JoelT3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

He received death threat emails because of that story. If he got a little defensive over it, then I apologize on the behalf of DualShockers because that's not what we're about. The site isn't even generating revenue, yet everyone has this stigma, that we're on here for hits.

If anyone were to really check out the site for what is done on a daily basis (and not for what we submit on to here), people would really be impressed. Day in and day out we have up to 20 news stories go up. There are times throughout the day that we have breaking news up faster than Kotaku, Joystiq, and IGN. Do we do it because we want some kind of medal? No. We love what we do. Everyone on the team does, but people like to deem us the next Hip Hop Gamer.

If you notice, I am not hiding behind any avatar or "handle", no that's for kids and BS sites. This is my picture and I'm on here representing my site, in hopes that people who truly love games and game news see what we're all about. I understand that we can sometime push nerves, but it isn't to bring in "hits" to make money. Again, we just love what we do. Gary loves what he does, he is by far no fanboy. He just had an opinion and people didn't agree.

So again I apologize if anyone was antagonized, ridiculed, or offended in the thread of that post, because that is not what we're about.

Co-Founder & Deputy Editor - DualShockers

sikbeta3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

The people give the "power" to the reviewers to make them believe their opinion is more than just an opinion, you can call it review and share the same thing with reviewer, but is just you are sharing an opinion

Reviewers don't graduate from a Gaming Reviewer College lol

Hell, they probably don't finish the High School hahahahaha....

The only thing make a review like an important thing is because the reviewers occupy a place and have the power to share their opinions through a media like the net

A reviewer or site that make reviews is complaining about the fanboys that disagree with their opinion, and make an article judging fanboys like the people in the site is better, lol both are opinions but the site feel like is more important, now that's delusional hahahahahahahahhahahahah!!!!!! !!!!!!

Bathyj3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Joel, youre just as bad as everyone else so drop the holier than thou crap.

You rant about not being able to express your opinion and then as soon as Julies opinion disagrees with yours you chime in with the insults.

You're entitled to your opinion, just like everyone else is entitled to not like it.

Most of us are just sick of internet hacks who cant seem to get a hit on their site without resorting the sensationalistic flamebait titles to reel people in, and then act all confused that people would be mad with them. Pointing out critisms in fine, but when you rant about them you tend not to mention all the good things too and then your piece isnt a balanced appraisal of the game but but just sounds like you have your own axe to grind.

I dont know your work well enough to say if you fit into this catergory, I'm generalising here, but this article or your responses to the people here havent won me over me so far.

You can either just take that on the chin, learn from it, or write another "editorial" about how you dont like the fanboys not liking how you dont like them.

Redempteur3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

i lol @JoelT

Someone is giving an opinion WITH examples about an article about opinions criticizing whatever happening actually ..yet he can't accept it ..


"we love what we do "
yeah so what ? Suddenly it's a free pass to write anything .

I you can give your opinion , you should be able to receive other's people opinion too , right .

Omg death threat emails ???!! should i be concerned ?
I mean you wanted to play with fanboys first with some lame headlines in order to get hits and you got burned that's all ..Not the feedback you were waiting for ? what a shame ...i could almost cry if that wasn't so ironic .

Thinking a little more about your headlines shouldn't have gotten you into this mess

PinkUni3309d ago

if i recall correctly they're the ones that started giving vastly different scores between games that were identical

video comparisons

IGN and Gametrailers are the real fanboys not gamers

what has happened is that the gaming industry is starting to get a huge load of money and they're paying off reviewers left and right

10 years ago you didn't have such fanboyism like today because the reviewers and the advertisers weren't trying to make the videogame industry a competition

if anything we should be blaming reviewrs, the people who used to be legit but are now paid by and live off the industry

Wh15ky3309d ago

Totally agree with Julie, BathyJ and Redempteur. Grow up JoelT.

CimmerianDrake3309d ago

This is the same site that needs fanboys to keep it afloat. Otherwise they wouldn't need to create articles with flamebait titles like "Why does Uncharted 2 need to be so.... lame?" You know what I hate most of all about reviewers such as the ones that populate sites like that? The kind of sense of entitlement, the idea that they can somehow do better. Well if you can do better than the developers, then why don't you open a game development studio and beat them at their own game then?

And the whole Gertsmann example is ridiculously flawed. Yeah, he got fired because of the fanboys. It had nothing to do with the fact that Kane and Lynch was sponsoring Gamespot at the time. No, it was because of the fanboys. Idiots, I swear.

You reviewers are exactly the problem with the industry these days. Your paid opinions create excessive hype and cause people to have a snobbish behavior towards game quality, where if a game doesn't have a 40 million dollar budget, perfect graphics, and a brand name, it's crap. You want to know why fanboys exist? Because reviewers CREATED them. The smugness that comes from the dissection you perform on every aspect of games, the fact that you can create the anticipation or destroy it just by your words alone, that's what created fanboys, or at least contributed to it.

You don't like fanboys? You don't like your opinion being torn apart by over zealous people? Then start looking at yourselves in the mirror. Because reviewers are fanboys too. /rant

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JoelT3309d ago

every time i go into a game store, every conversation in there is prefaced with "im not a fanboy but" lol

JoelT3309d ago

the whole idea of fanboyism, is ridiculous. Why fight over what brand is better when they are all after the same thing anyway? Your money. Brand loyalty is one thing that I can totally understand. An example of this is people that are into Macs instead of PC's, not just because of software but because of the clean lines and streamlined industrial design that represent their particular style, but when that same brand loyalty turns to ignorant fanboyism and they'll buy any product thrown at them because it has a bitten apple on it then it becomes just too much.

Defending any of these brands, is stupid on anyones part. I attribute it to being half ignorance and half insecurity. Ignorance because people knock each other's systems without having truly seen the benefits of the others. And insecurity, because people never want to think that their purchase, something, they've spent their hard earned money on, isn't the be all and end all, and there just might be something equal or even better in certain respects.

That's exactly how these companies want it anyway. Ignorance is bliss.

Grevan3309d ago

It all depends. If one loves a game and you hate it, the person who loves it will bring all their lover buddies with him to rally against you. It's been like this in real war, and in real life. It sucks, I know, but it's part of social life. We should change that.

Grevan3309d ago

Good article. I totally agree where you are coming from.

JoelT3309d ago

peons will see this as an attack. Now the Fanboys of being a Fanboy will rear their ugly heads lol, it never ends!

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