6.0 We Sing Review "We Sing is a pretty standard addition to an ever growing music and rhythm genre. It does innovate by allowing four people to sing at the same time, either competitively, or co-operative, but aside from that, everything is as player's would expect. The lack of word recognition could encourage players to abuse the scoring system, but the pitch recognition does at least make it more accessible. However, with no downloadable service available, its lasting appeal has to be brought into question."

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Kyll3128d ago

Who's "We"? Is the game talking to itself, and have split personalities? xD

ShawnCollier3128d ago

Should have been Wii Sing. xd

Sounds like an interesting game.

mephman3128d ago

There may have been a few licensing issues. :p

Selyah3128d ago

Doesn't sound too bad, but yeah seems a little flawed in places.