Gamervision: Left 4 Dead 2 Review

Gamervision writes: "Left 4 Dead had one of the best multiplayer experiences ever seen in gaming. It didn't matter that the game was light on plot and had no real single-player mode; any problems with Left 4 Dead were overlooked by the sheer fun of fighting the zombie apocalypse with a few friends. Because the game was one of my favorites of 2008, I was excited when Valve announced Left 4 Dead 2 earlier this year, despite the sequel coming unusually fast for the developer. Unlike some people, it never occurred to me to be worried or upset by the move; I got much more than $60 worth of value out of Left 4 Dead, and expected to do so with the sequel. My enthusiasm was warranted, and once again I find myself overlooking flaws and forgoing all other games to fight zombies night after night."

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