GamingHeaven: Race On Review

Simbin have released a new racing game entitled Race On however on closer inspection it is basically a resissue of the aging (but still solid) Race 07. The Swedish developer added Nordschleife and some Grand Tourers last year and called it GTR Evolution ... this year they add more to it, with American Muscle cars, WTCC 08 updates and some Swedish Touring action making the grade.

New cars include the Dodge Challenger SRTS, Dodge Charger SRT8, the Cadillac CTS-V and a Chevy Camaro, and as they are American muscle cars the focus is on power and attitude. American muscle cars are not known for their handling or finesse and can make even normal cornering procedures a bit of an ordeal at high speeds. The game includes the standard street versions and the race versions of these cars and they bring a very different take to the usual circuit races. As always you can fine tune all aspects of the car in the garage and will soon get used to their 'colorful' characteristics.

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