EMO Disaster Alerts to Be Tested on The Xbox 360

NYS' Emergency Management Office (EMO) has plans to test out emergency alerts on the Xbox 360. If they decide to go forward with this idea, alerts will be displayed on Xbox 360 consoles connected to the internet.

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Madusha3038d ago

Seems like a good idea, gamers who occupy the TV and play for hours non stop will have no access to emergency service alerts. Hope the test program doesn't become annoying.

Valay3038d ago

Sounds like an odd idea to me.

Saaking3038d ago

It could work as long as it's doesn't interfere with gaming.

kaveti66163038d ago

Lol at the title, huh?

What kind of problems are these emo gamers gonna bring.

Madusha3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )


Lmfao, I didn't notice that until now. Emo suicide alerts now on your 360! Lol

EMO = Emergency Management Office

EDIT: I'll add something in at the bottom of the article so people don't go "WTF?".

Parapraxis3038d ago

Madusha, lol "Emo suicide alerts now on your 360"
You'd see them popping up every 5 mintes.

sikbeta3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

EMO Disaster = group of emo suicides -> that's what I thought after reading the first part of the Headline lol

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xc7x3038d ago

hopefully not in a red color HA!! P

Battlefield3038d ago

Lol @ disagrees.

This isn't a bad idea... users can know quickly of a disaster when their ring lights up red LOL!

KionicWarlord2223038d ago

It would be very weird to hear the amber alert during xbox live .

lol...might be funny for certain games .

LONEWOLF2313038d ago

Not a bad idea BUT as stated before, hopefully it wont be annoying.

Madusha3038d ago

Lolz imagine that, huge terrorist attack is in progress but unfortunately you aren't a Xbox Live Gold member.

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The story is too old to be commented.