Where are they now? – Sunset Riders

resumeplay writes: "In 1991, Konami formed the team of Billy, Steve, Bob, and Cormano in the name of good. The Sunset Riders took saddle and made their presence known to the SNES world. Their mission…bring in the scoundrel known as Richard Rose, dead or alive. Being that it only takes about a total of 45 minutes to do so, here is what our beloved bounty collectors have been up to since."

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Bnet3433307d ago

I played this game on my computer via emu. It was surprisingly fun. BIG POW WOW!

mau643308d ago

They should release this game on XBLA or PSN. It's still so fun even today.

dariusy3307d ago

I never played this game :(

SRosenberg3307d ago

You are missing out buddy... It's so good. You can beat it in like an hour, but its still so fun.

mau643307d ago

Its kinda hard but you can co-op through it which makes it much more fun.

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