SSFIV Rumors true. Welcome Cody, Guy, Adon & maybe Hugo?

"It also seems to look like Hugo might be featured in the game. In one of the new levels of what looks like a construction site, Hugo is seen in the background next to 2 other men. Hugo was the Zangief of SF3 and quite a good character actually. I'm not sure what Capcom are doing by having him there, is it a teaser? or is he going to be part of Cody's storyline?"

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blackboyunltd3302d ago

hugo needs to be in it and parry!

ogwilson3302d ago

lol Guy is who I want (... pause)

Pein3302d ago

Hugo is better than Zangief imo

Kouppa3302d ago

Guy is the man I'm gonna put alot of ppl on there back with my boy.

Pein3302d ago

uh oh. Are you challenging me?

Sevir043302d ago

I cant wait. they should sell this Via DLC though because i cant fork out 30-40 bones for this.. DLC as 20 bucks and i'm a happy camper.

kornbeaner3302d ago

Would be nice but DLC was not possible. They are fixing netcode, adding a online lobby, plus characters, balance tweaks and changing the way ultras and supers work + all new cut-scenes for all the characters. $40 is a great price for all that. There are certain games that don't get that much new content and get a price tag of $60. $40 is more then fair IMO.

Athlon3302d ago

Glad to see that they're adding new stages as well and music too! I wish those scans were bigger though.