10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Microsoft this Holiday Season

From the feature top 10 list:

"Well gamers, it's that time of year. Yes, the time of year when we test just how far the wireless signal on our 360 controllers will allow us to go so we can still fill ourselves with turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes and anything else that'll continue fueling the perpetually mad pursuit for achievements. Now, trust me when I say this, if it comes down to whether or not I'm going to enjoy some of the awesome Thanksgiving goodness or snatch another level on Modern Warfare 2, the delicious food is going to win. You see, Gamers ultimately think with their stomachs and if there is a better holiday that doesn't cater to us as a group, I don't know what it is, well besides Christmas. Anyway, before you crack open an ice cold Red Bull to stave off the inevitable sleepiness you'll suffer through because of the succulent turkey, take a minute and be thankful for that little powerhouse nestled near your television. These are the ten reasons the Xbox 360 rules Thanksgiving 2009."

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Valkyrie833307d ago

Wow I love the holiday season, good list though - gotta agree with the online play explanation the most; one of the best reasons to own an Xbox 360 (PC has strong online play as well, not so much on PS3)....

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WildArmed3307d ago

Only reason why I will play my 360 over thanksgiving is to play mutliplayer.. Gotta love those 1 month trail gold cards that come with games.
More then half of the list doesnt apply to this thanksgiving. =/
But that stupid MAG n BC2 beta keeps me so busy, so been trying to keep off from putting the 1moth Gold code in till i get bored of playing them.

iron_sheik3307d ago

PS3 already have 3 AAA this year along with this year's best rated rPG -demon souls

where is x360 game besides Forza3? forza3 flopped in sales though

if you want to play games and a good console get a ps3. why buy lame multiplats when they could be played for free on PC
also Dragon Age origins -the only good multiplat game this year is also better on PS3 -9 from GS vs 8.5 for the x360 version

IdleLeeSiuLung3303d ago

Halo 3: ODST
Forza 3
Assasin's Creed 2

among others....

Bungie3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Thank you MS

great holiday indeed

lots of great exclusives and multiplatforms to play with XBL

EDIT: i'm thankful for the 360 community too

you've been great

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deadreckoning6663303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

LOL, why does everyone say the 360 had no games this year?

Forza 3
Halo: ODST
Lost and the Dammned
Ballad of Gay Tony
and Modern Warfare 2, the most bought and played game of the year.

It's funny how people who don't own 360's are more worried about the 360 not having games than the actual 360 owners. Saaking, I have two friends that are multi-console owners and they STILL hardly use their PS3 in favor of playing ODST AND Modern Warfare 2. The majority of the gaming public most certainly don't agree with ur views.

Saaking, I don't know what games you have for the 360, but if your a 360 owner and you already own ALL the games I listed and are STILL not satisfied, then you probably need another hobby cause gaming is obviously taking up too much of your time. Listen and listen well, MOST gamers DON'T obsess over exclusives. Look at MW2. 360 does INDEED have the games, its just that you haven't given them a chance.

"besides multiplats the only x360 game that you can buy is forza3 . all others are mediocre at best or on PC/PS3"

Thats YOUR opinion, not a fact. Tell that to the 2 million people that bought ODST on Day 1. Everyone has different opinions on whats good and bad. It's all preference.

"You know, half of the games you listed aren't even games. Three of them are expansion packs(well 4 if you feel L4D2 is one also) so don't try to spin the numbers of games it has..."

I agree with you 100%, but what ur not understanding is that people ENJOY spin-offs and expansion packs cause their FANS. PS3 fans spent 40 bucks for the GOW Collection, 2 games that they proly already had. They bought it cause their FANS. How is buying the GOW collection any different from buying ODST? MAJOR HYPOCRISY...

BaSeBaLlKiD7213303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

You know, half of the games you listed aren't even games. Three of them are expansion packs(well 4 if you feel L4D2 is one also) so don't try to spin the numbers of games it has...

Bungie3303d ago

don't you think it's sad when *flop expansions* outsells all the *godly exclusives* combined

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kaveti66163303d ago

I'm really interested in the Ballad of Gay Tony game right about now. And today, my friend and I will play L4D2. So, I don't really see this year as a disaster. Microsoft will do better next year, obviously. This reminds me of those couple of years when the PS3 had few games, and that was because Sony was holding everything off until 2008 and 2009. I guess that's what MS did this year.

The_Savior3303d ago

*Forgot about Muramasa, Deadly Creatures, and Boom Blox sequel.

You could also count Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit Plus for exclusives...but nobody really cares about them.

cereal_killa3303d ago

"Tell that to the 2 million people that bought ODST on Day 1."

Sorry but I gonna put my fanboy hat on for this.... 10 million people have purchased Halo 3 (25 million total the entire franchise) to this date and only 2 million people went out and bought Halo ODST.. Well that tell me that they're only 8 million halo fanboys (23million total) that are smart to either rent it or borrow it from one of there friends.

"PS3 fans spent 40 bucks for the GOW Collection, 2 games that they proly already had. They bought it cause their FANS. How is buying the GOW collection any different from buying ODST? MAJOR HYPOCRISY..."

2 FULL games @$40 ($20 each) remastered HD and added Trophy support compared to 1 game $60 that's only 4-5 hours long sub HD (and I believe Bungie said themselves that it was DLC), sure the GOW CP was 2 games that some people already have hell I still have them but I'm still getting the games it's not like they're sell both games $60 each.

xaviertooth3303d ago

exclusive + 360 doesn't fit, it's true no offense.

IcyJoker1873303d ago

Why are people still saying ODST sold 2 million on day one when it didn't even do 2 million in the entire month of September?

littletad3303d ago

Has an amazing number of games from PREVIOUS years. In fact ALL years. So there's no argument in that it has "no games". If your talking about this year, I agree, the ps3 outperformed the 360 in games. I'm happy I own that system too. But next year we got Halo: Reach, Project Natal, Alan Wake, and Splinter Cell. Not too mention many others we don't know about. So there's just no argument in that the 360 "has no games".

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soxfan20053303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

The GTA expansions each contain over 20 hours of gameplay - more than most full priced games offer. Is it suddenly a bad thing to pay $20, yet get more gameplay than most $60 games offer?

Just look at the guy talking about God of War collection (1.15)- it's the same thing. Lots of gameplay for a discount price.

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HolyOrangeCows3303d ago

"It was melted and it looked like they had it against the wall in on edge and things like that need a little space to dissipate heat"

I don't really think it's the xbox's fault. I'm PRETTY sure that the manual warns to give the vents space.

Hisiru3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Are you kiddin me?

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Willio3303d ago

I like how "Deadreckoning" used his "two friends" to portray his own personal view as "majority."

Bloodraid3303d ago

I'm not trying to be a fanboy or anything, but this article is crap.

[Keep in mind; this article is talking about 2009 Holiday season]

10. Music - This whole paragraph is pointless. PS3 can play music, and save songs to the Hard Drive. The only thing it can't do (that's got an application built for it) is stream music, which it can do through the browser.

9. Avatars - So? PS3 has avatars and you don't see us going ape-sh!t wild about them?

8. Controllers/Accessories - This is all a matter of personal opinion obviously...

7. TV Shows & Movies - PS3 provides the same. Downloadable movies/TV Shows & Streaming Via Netflix.

6. Multiplayer Gaming - Lulz... 'nuff said

5. Microsoft's Console Warranty - So you're thankful that Microsoft will hold your console for 6 weeks to fix it when it inevitably breaks? I'd be more thankful if the warranties weren't necessary, how about you?

4. Project Natal - Not only does the author say that Sony 'jumped on the bandwagon' (which is absolute bullshit, because Sony had motion sensitivity last generation), but Project Natal doesn't even come out this year. How is this something to be thankful for this year? Sounds to me like the author was running out of ideas.

3. Microsoft's Stance on Piracy - This is one I actually agree with, congratulations. Unfortunately that's really no reason to be thankful as most large companies have firm stances against pirates.

2. Xbox Live Arcade Games - Again, I guess this is something to be thankful for, unfortunately PS3 has a store as well, and the store has arcade-type games in it too.

1. Xbox 360 Retail Games - Can't really argue with this one. Again, personal opinion.

Rampant3303d ago

cereal killa just compared first day sales of ODST to lifetime sales of Halo 3? Yeah...

So much hate for christmas...

Xbox Avatars Shoe3303d ago

Reason #1: The RRoD. And really, who doesn't love it when their brand new hardware breaks down for no reason other than poor quality?

Reason #2: Faulty Xbox 360 Hardware

Reason #3: That faulty hardware could literally catch on fire, burn your house down and ruin christmas http://gamerush.zoomshare.c...

Reason #4: A maxed-out Xbox 360 console with limited to no potential for improved graphics

Reason #5: Over-priced proprietary Xbox 360 accessories

Reason #6: Being Nickel-and-Dimed

Reason #7: No exclusive Xbox 360 games released during the holiday season.

Reason #8: No Xbox 360 exclusive games, with a 90+ metacritic score, released all year

Reason #9: Mandatory $50 fee just to play your $60 games online

Reason #10: Including Xbox LIVE, Xbox 360 is the same price as PS3 but doesn't have some of the major features like Blu-Ray.

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UltimaEnder3307d ago

I'll be playing my 360 most of this Thanksgiving week but my PS3 may get a little love with the God of War 3 demo and Uncharted 2 (GoW3 will be the BEST game to ever hit Sony's console) - nice list though, always enjoy reading these on my days off...

iron_sheik3307d ago

besides multiplats the only x360 game that you can buy is forza3 . all others are mediocre at best or on PC/PS3

get a ps3 for both games and movies and x360 for LIVE and talking to friends

kaveti66163303d ago

Yo, iron. Is a multiplat game somehow less of a game than an exclusive. I can think of a few multiplats that I find to be better than exclusives, so I don't see what you're getting at, man.

I think Fallout 3 and Oblivion are better than most exclusive RPGs on either console. Assassin's Creed 2 is getting better scores than Infamous did. Just saying. Just because the game is multiplatform doesn't mean you can just dismiss it.

deadreckoning6663303d ago

"sure the GOW CP was 2 games that some people already have hell I still have them but I'm still getting the games it's not like they're sell both games $60 each."

Cereal_Killa, u just proved my point! Have a nice day :)

littletad3303d ago Show
littletad3303d ago

If regular users become moderators. But if that's the truth, your abusing power. My comment was not "off-topic" at all. Do it again, and I'll find out who you are and report.

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moparful993307d ago

Why do these so called journalists feel so compelled to take little veiled stabs at the competition to stroke their own ego??

WildArmed3307d ago

lol 'stroke' their 'ego' o_O
You gave me the wrong idea there lol

RockmanII73303d ago

did you even look at the name of the website? It's PlanetXbox360, so of course they will prefer the 360. Plus they only made one comment about PS3 fanboys and zero comments about the PS3 itself. If your upset by a anti-fanboy comment, that means you are a fanboy.

UltimaEnder3303d ago

Agree with all the choices, and ya I think the PS3 will have a "strong" showing this holiday season in terms of sales but will not surpass the Xbox 360 (which will not surpass the Wii) - gonna be a good fight in 2010!

Saaking3303d ago

It will surpass the 360. You can count on that. 2010 will still belong to the PS3 as it still has a wider variety and quantity of exclusive games. Not to mention the king of racers comes out next year.

kaveti66163303d ago

FF XIII in Japan. Sales will be monster.

soxfan20053303d ago

2010 will be a huge year for the 360. 2009 isn't even over, yet there are already as many console exclusives confirmed for 2010 (5) as were released in all of 2009. Plus, Fable 3 & Project Gotham Racing 5 are highly likely to be 2010 releases. Also, MS always makes a big announcement at E3 in June - maybe Gears of War 3. That's 7 confirmed or likely exclusives announced already, plus whatever MS announces during the year.

There will be NO shortage of 360 games in 2010 - it may turn out to be it's best year yet.

MS has never released a Halo and Gears of War game in the same year - 2010 may be the year. That alone will insure the 360's success.

kaveti66163303d ago

Yes, Soxfan, those are very good points. Indeed, I think 2010 is probably going to be the Xbox 360s most prolific year.

Crackdown 2
Halo 3
Mass Effect 2
Alan Wake
Fable 3
Splinter Cell Conviction

And I'm missing a couple more. Definitely a top-notch year for the 360. But PS3 will also have an amazing year with

God of War III
Gran Turismo 5
The Last Guardian
Heavy Rain
Resistance 3 (possibly)

and a whole bunch more I forgot.

Solidus187-SCMilk3303d ago

non stop games for both ps3 and 360 ALL of next year. I think 2010 will be the best year of this gen.

SuperStrokey11233302d ago

I wonder if MS is going to stuff the channel again to achieve "victory" in sales this holiday season again?

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