Uncharted 2 gets DLC fort free on Friday, Nov. 27

Joystiq: "PS3 owners will want to stay home on Black Friday. Why? Naughty Dog is releasing the first downloadable content for Uncharted 2's multiplayer mode this Friday, November 27th. A title update will add "The Fort," a brand new multiplayer map supposedly based on the "Fortress" chapter of Drake's Fortune. According to the press release, "The Fort is a long rectangular map with wide open spaces and excellent flank routes." There's a shotgun in the center of the map and an RPG in the crypt (the inevitable resting place of people on the wrong end of that weapon). Best of all, this update will be free"

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MetalGearRising3310d ago

free.......which means no one is hardly playing Uncharted 2 multi-player everyone has moved over to a more mature grown up game called MW2.

TheHater3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

this is why women shouldn't due drugs or consume alcohol during pregnancy.

Edit: Thanks CernaML. Sorry for the typo

CernaML3310d ago

This is why they SHOULD? This is what happens when they DO!

ZBlacktt3310d ago

You really lack attention huh? Why not spend more time on the Xbox forums? You sit in here all day why? You really wish you had a PS3 huh? I just get that feeling.

lh_swe3310d ago

So no that doesn't make sense especially considering the game is selling well.

Anorexorcist3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Both of you are mistaken. He is the reason why abortion should be enforced and promoted coast-to-coast, continent-to-continent.

Nip the bud at the source and get rid of all the resentful fanboy idiots that make up the surplus population.

So because its free that means it isn't desirable by much people? Yeah, I guess that's why Sony lets everyone play on the PSN for no additional charge. Because it just sucks and it isn't desirable, correct? Despite the fact it perpetually improves and increases its advantage over Xbox live every single week.

By MetalGearRising's logic, if you ain't getting rip-off by corporate greedsters, you have nothing worth owning.

The real killer3310d ago


PlayStation X3310d ago

dont think this twat knows what free means.
must suck being 1 of microsofts little b1tches paying for everything. =/

redsquad3310d ago

Dear child, please stop embarassing yourself...

BYE3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Hope you enjoy looking at the new Bioware website all day :D

And btw BC2 -> MW2.

Traveler3310d ago

Modern Warfare 2 is a pretty decent game, but "more mature"?...that's silly. It is more noob-friendly than almost anything else out there.

Aceluffy3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Please everyone debubble him to zero, I lose brain cells everytime I read his retarded but somehow always first comment, I think he is stalking N4G every second.
The worst part is, he resorts to MULTIPLAT game which PS3 fans can also play, man...... Xbots act like MW2 is their exclusive or something
Only retarded person can spin a good news about a developer giving free DLC into something negative. I can't believe how many times I type the word "retarded", well I guess MGR is really retarded :)


MGR is a silly person. he meant "free.......which means no one is hardly playing MW2 multi-player everyone has moved over to a more mature grown up game called UNCHARTED 2"

ZombieAutopsy3310d ago

MGR is a noob but he baits every so easily...just ignore him and move along people, do u really want a 12year old kid getting a laugh at ur expense.

blizzard_cool3309d ago

Thank you for the laugh :D

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Tinted Eyes3310d ago

This game is staying in my PS3 this weekend. ;D

Julie3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

yay! me loves free stuff for good old Drake =)
Ty again Naughty Dogs!

sikbeta3310d ago

So GOOD news, see ya in this multiplayer DLC, if I can finally fix my f*cking Broadband Connection once and for all XP

Lifendz3310d ago

Is it just for the one day?

ZBlacktt3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

It hasn't left mine in a long time, lol. Almost to level 52. Which takes 1.5 million to gain from level 51, lol... I'll hit 38,000 kills by today with only 750 or so deaths ( love Co-Ops ) :) Love the game, they just need to address some issues with it.

gamesR4fun3310d ago

cheers to the guys n galls at naughty dog

Trebius3310d ago

Other devs should learn from their example.

1 Free map, then maybe a week or two later they'll release a map pack of sorts, and we wont mind paying because theyve already given us a great game, and free DLC.

ND, you have my support.

SaberEdge3310d ago

!Genial! !Que noticia mas buena!

Really, this is great news. I loved the first game and the Fort map looks really beautiful. I can't stop playing the multiplayer because I just find it more dynamic and fun than pretty much anything else out there. Uncharted 2 is truly the best game of the year.

Sub4Dis3310d ago

nice to see a new free map. but think about it. at any given time there's about 3-5k ppl playing online. that's a very tiny number when compared to the big games. if they did charge, they wouldn't make very much money because probably only about 10-20% would buy it. and that would mean that either they'd have to make a new game mode for ppl who bought it and split up that small number even more, or they'd have to make it so you could only use that map in custom games. they need to keep those 5 thousand ppl playing together so the map needs to be available to everyone.

my hope is that maybe a new map will bring a few ppl back so i don't see the same ppl every other game.

ico923310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

naughty dog are toooooo awesome!!

i cant beleive there isnt a GOTY award for best developer because these guys would win across the board, a AAA game with a superb SP and a suprisingly well crafted MP and to top of free dlc map pack of one of the most memorable chapters of drakes fortune...again naughty dog are tooo awesome. :) im a happy gamer today

Mindboggle3310d ago

Looks great, but i never really enjoyed the multiplayer of Uncharted 2. I wish they would of spent more time developing a 20-30 hour story than a multiplayer mode..

TooTall193310d ago

and I'm so disappointed in it. I'm looking forward to when I'm finished with the SP and then I'm never playing it again.

leila013310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Wow this is why I'll never sell my PS3. Thank you Sony and ND

I don't like the competitive multiplayer either, but that's because I suck at it.
Try the Coop mode, It's really, really fun

Traveler3310d ago

Wow, TooTall19, I can't believe you feel that way. I'd like to know which games you do like, because frankly if you don't like Uncharted 2 your taste in games is bad (from my perspective). So, out of curiosity, which games do you think are amazing?

Uncharted 2 is easily one of the best single player experiences I have ever had, and surprisingly I think the multiplayer is one of the most polished and well executed multiplayer modes in any recent game.

Redempteur3310d ago

wait so killzone and uncharted are giving double xp week-end ??

anyway ...FREE DLC ... i love it

masterg3310d ago

I cant believe how much fun the multiplayer is.
I havent been that addicted to online play since the first Gears of War.

Traveler3310d ago

The multiplayer is extremely addicting. The traversal mechanics give the game a sense of freedom of movement that is lacking in other games. The maps are so multilayered and things can play out in so many different ways. I can kick somebody hanging on a ledge or they can pull me over and get a kill. The melee system is just perfect in my eyes.

This is also the first game where I truly find it useful to use almost all of the weapons. Each one has its advantages and due to the dynamic way the matches play out the weapons lend themselves to diverse strategies. Sometimes I use the M4, sometimes I use the shotguns, sometimes the handguns, sometimes the RPG....well, you get the point. I don't stick with one or two weapons the way I do in most online games and that helps to keep the gameplay always fresh.

TooTall193310d ago

MGS4 and Killzone 2 are my fav games this gen. A few other games I enjoy this gen are Project Gotham Racing, Elder Scrolls IV, Ninja Gaiden, Fallout 3, Assassins Creed, GTA IV, InFamous, Borderlands, CoD MW2, BFBC 2 beta, Fat Princess, Fight Night Round4, BC: Rearmed, and Uncharted 1.

Ravage273310d ago

perfect timing :) now that i'm done with my exams, i'm going to be playing UC2 MP 24/7 :)

DaTruth3310d ago

Just lost 780000 souls in Demon's Souls... Yes seven hundred and eighty thousand!(It's a perfect storm of things that leads to something like that, but my own fault and a little bad luck) I got so pissed I pulled the game and popped in Uncharted 2; Apparently, just in time.

I don't even think I've played on all the original maps yet!

Trebius3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Uhm...why're you lying...? lol

If you enjoyed Uncharted 1, why wouldnt you enjoy uncharted 2?

Sounds like you're on the defense and shouting random games.

Just be honest...If you just wanted to say something negative about Uncharted 2 in a THREAD about Uncharted 2 for everyone to see :P yaaaaaaaay, you did it. Thanks for letting us know you think Uncharted 2 is such a terrible game. (but yet you enjoyed UC1)

You're funny...

The Emperor3310d ago

I cant wait to play as a fat version of drake! Wonder how he will move?

younglj013310d ago

.............................. ....

vickers5003310d ago

Wait wait wait... what? Free? As in I don't have to pay money for it?! What trickery is this! The first rule of next gen is that every piece of dlc must cost 10 dollars or more!

*sky falling*

badz1493310d ago

they are the best! my wish is granted!


you never seize to amaze me with your comments. 20-30 Hour campaign? wait till ND release Uncharted RPG then you'll get what you want! there's no problem with the length of the game and I think it's perfect for an action TPS adventure game. it also feels like a movie and mind you it's easily longer than all 3 LoTR movies combined together!

vhero3309d ago

Wooo but about time ND however 1 map??? I would rather pay for a map pack the existing like 5 maps are getting really boring and is why people are leaving for other games. 1 extra map ain't gonna add much extra bang to the game for long. Hopefully this is the start of more maps soon.

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MetalGearRising3310d ago

Free = Desperate take a leaf out of Microsoft book Charge for DLC and u won't look like a Desperate sole Naughty Dog u pathetic Developer.

Axecution3310d ago

Just so you know, you fail hard at trolling. You came off alright, but in the second comment (the one im replying to) you just pretty well screamed "Im a troll guiYZ!". Seriously. It wasn't even like it was gonna spark any comments with how stupid you sounded - and the fact that it's in the open zone.

Again, Failtroll fails at trolling.

patronnessy3310d ago

It's ok. Keep paying $60 for DLC if it makes you feel like its worth it.

lh_swe3310d ago

Some of the most talented people this gen who have created a marvel of a game with something of an iconic status and you call them pathetic?

The real killer3310d ago

I told you so........................SHUT THE FU.K UP YOUR LITTLE BRAT!!!!!

ultimolu3310d ago

Guys, people like MGR wants to get you to answer him. Ignore him. :)

weazel3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Ignore him? I think it's way funnier if everyone points and laughs. Its like when toddlers who cant speak try to join in adult's conversations. His little fingers are typing but the stuff just doesn't make any sense or bear any relation to reality.
Clip him round the ear, ruffle his hair,....
...and then smack him as hard as you can in the pods!

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sugard03310d ago

The game would have been staying in my PS3 this weekend but my PS3 YLOD'd with MW2 stuck in it! 60GB Owner here. As soon as its fixed, this baby is MINE!

Trebius3310d ago

You're one of the 1% lol.

Once you get it fixed the DLC will still be there for you though!

Happy playing bro.

ZBlacktt3310d ago

Yeah, that older 60g unit is the one with the issues. Sucks bro, hope you are back up and running soon. I heard both, when you send in a 60g. You either do get it back a 60g or they replace it with the newest model? Do you know? Try Craigslist for console repair shops that are local. I see them on mine for all 3 console brands. That way, you do get your console back with an untouched HD. No mail wait times either.

IronChefWong3310d ago

Mine died playing inFAMOUS. I was able to get the CD out though. But yeah Sony sends you back a refurbed 60GB, so you'll still have Backwards compatibility.

mastiffchild3310d ago

Always sad to see another of the launch model owners in the soup but, yeah, if you were quick enough(in the UK) to get CP on your side then you'll have a shiny refurbed 60gig withing the next day or so-which is what happened to me -BR drive failed. OR, the fact is it's pay Sony the $140/£120 or whatever and wait for the refurb of the same model-it's steep but at least they usually give you a well made/refurbed replacement rather than a dodgy fix that lasts a months before it all goes ass backwards again.

Love my fully equipped PS3.

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Lucreto3310d ago

A perfect level. The updated engine makes the fort even more awesome.