Electro - Candy Interview with a Campaigner for a Colour Blind Setting in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

By Neil McCormick

Imagine you lived in a world, in which red and green, just looked the same. It would not be fun would i? Now imagine you are a person living with that problem, you buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, fire up the game, go to play online and discover to your horror that the online teams are separated by user names being shown in either red and green. You remember that the last Call of Duty Game, there was an option to change the colours. So you go through all the settings and discover for what ever reason Infinity Ward chose to not include the option.

Bear in mind, approximately 1 in ten people suffer from colour blindness. Divide the total number of those playing Call of duty : Modern warfare 2 by 10 and you get quite a large number of players, potentially having an unfair disadvantage in their online experience.

Helen aka hodsey77, is one of the many out there, for which this has affected her gaming experience. However she decided to do something about it, and has set up an online petition for people to register their support, in the hope that the developers will be able to address this inequality with a patch for the game.

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