Rumor: Sony chooses IBM POWER 7 CPU for PlayStation 4 reports: "IBM shall POWER7 debut for the server market in the summer of 2010. The PlayStation 4 shall use a cost effective version of the architecture custom designed for Sony's specific needs.

The only information available regarding FGNOnline currently has specifications and performance is that the implementation of the PS4 chip cores shall use 6.8, 24-32MB shared L3 cache, Quad core by threading, and a double precision performance approaching 200GFLOPS.

The CELL chip which powers the PS3 is capable of 15 double precision GFLOPS. This would give the PS4 a performance leap of over 10 fold over it's predecessor."

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zootang3310d ago

I'm saying there is not gonna be a playstation 4 for a long time!

Dutch Boogie3310d ago

I agree. What is this nonsense? Sony won't release a ps4 until they reach at least 60-70 million ps3 consoles sold worldwide. Unless they mean the new cell chip will be released in 2012.

DasBunker3310d ago

as a gamer i gotta say im always excited about how the next gen of games and consoles will be.. im glad the PS3 got the edge on graphics this gen.. one jaw dropping title after another

TOO PAWNED3310d ago

whos to say that they won't reach 60 million or more by 2012? Remember 2010 is about to begin, and let's assume PS4 is fall 2012, that's 3 years from now.
Either way i have hard time with this story...way to early to talk about PS4.

Sarcasm3310d ago

We're talking about 3 years from now, it COULD happen. By then the PS3 is already 6 years old, which is pretty much in line with the previous generations.

This doesn't mean that we all have to stop playing our PS3s.

whoelse3310d ago

Well if this is true, it sounds like Sony probably regrets adopting technology that although is very powerful, is tough for developers to make the most out of.

If there really is a PS4 coming out in 2012 (feels too early to me), then I think we know what will be the star of E3 10!

deeznuts3310d ago

Not too far fetched in my opinion. 2012 is a long ways away. Allow for highly probably delays, 2013 and now we've got 7 years in between releases. 6-7 years between console releases is highly probable

blind-reaper3310d ago

but... butt the world ends in 2012!!! I want more time with my PS4 before I die!

Sarcasm3310d ago

"If there really is a PS4 coming out in 2012 (feels too early to me), then I think we know what will be the star of E3 10! "

It's going to be late 2012, we're talking a full 36 months from now. Look at where the PS3 was 3 years ago and where it is now, a lot of things can change in 3 years.

PS4 will definitely be out by 2012-2013

solar3310d ago

Silly Valve. They better start programming for a dead technology quick!!


evrfighter3310d ago

I don't think Valve is worried about console sales.

"Head man of Impulse distribution platform parent company Stardock, Brad Wardell, says his company's estimate puts Valve in charge of about 70 percent of the PC digital distribution market."

raztad3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Valve better start training some programmers. The Power 7 looks to be a hybrid many core CPU, that is it can double as a CPU/GPU as the Cell does. There is no way to go but forward, the monolithic pentium age is over but Valve's stuck in it.

evrfighter3310d ago

maybe next-gen consoles might actually enable Anti-Aliasing


LukaX233310d ago

Ever heard of Gran Turismo?

DaTruth3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

All this 2012 end of the world stuff and now we know the birth of Skynet is 2012 Judgment day!

It's all coming together!

Edit:Glad I got to be the first to say it!

Saaking3310d ago

2012 sounds good. 6 full years of PS3 only support + 4 years of PS4 + PS3 support. I can't wait.

sikbeta3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Is not gonna be a PS4 in quite some time, but doesn't mean they are not thinking AHEAD, what I'm saying Sony is not gonna wait to the PS3 cycle end to start thinking how to make the next one XP

The article is misunderstanding the whole point, IBM canceled the CELL as a product, but is using the same architecture basis to make new versions, i.e better/more powerful-efficient microprocessor architectures based on the CELL

This is something the Average Joe is not understanding, is like saying Coke stop making coke but use the same formula to make a better soda

randomwiz3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

"6-8 cores, 24-32MB shared L3 Cache, Quad threading per core, and a double precision performance approaching 200GFLOPS."

Soudns almost too good to be true. But it seems as though Sony is still going to use most powerful console strategy, but this time, they're actually making the parts they use cost efficient

ps4 and Xbox 720 BETTER BE LIQUID COOLED!(saying this because I got rrod twice and ylod once)

good for sony learning after their mistakes with the ps3 launch. They did something right with the slim launch, and you can bet they are going to launch the ps4 correctly this time.

pixelsword3310d ago

Xmas time. This is just a ploy to get people thinking the PS4 is coming out soon.

gaffyh3310d ago

I am going to say this one more time, THE SOURCE IS A BLOG!!

Which is why the whole info is fake.

Pandamobile3310d ago

Valve's already expressed interest towards Intel's Larrabee.

Arnon3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

How about we quit worrying about how much processing power a console has, and actually throw in a good GPU for a change. I guarantee you, that you would see much better results. If my dual-core 2.5GHz + Radeon HD 4830 512MB can run Crysis on Very High, then quit worrying about some 8 core CPU. Processing power is most certainly a key element, but it should not be the defining factor of making a good console. If the cell was ANYTHING like most claim it is, I would be able to run Killzone 2 in a window while surfing the internet and listening to music, all on the same console. Considering the specs of this POWER-7, there's CPUs such as the ATI Evergreen, which is is 544 Gflop/s Double precision and its out right now.

Yes, continue using the cell (since it's one of the main reasons why it put them in a financial hole, or at least something of equivalent efficiency), but instead of throwing in a card that is equivalent to a 7800, take it up a notch and throw in something that will not be considered outdated the day it's released.

Elaine Benes3310d ago

the world is ending, and the true believers will ascend in to Zeckiah, the safe-world created by the almighty Barsamus.

There will be no PS4 and xb720.

Join us now, for the time of ascension is near.

Arnon3310d ago

lol... the world's ending in 2012!!

Oh, by the way, you're off by a day. Good job.

*rolls eyes*

GWAVE3310d ago

If this is true, AWESOME! It just goes to show that Sony will pursue the best technology, even if it means leaving some of their old technology behind.

SuperM3310d ago

Im not convinced that this is as much better then the cell as this article says. The Cell has 15gflops performance at double precision but about 200gflops at single precision. i honestly dont know what double precision means in comparison to single precision (float) and i dont know if these guys do either.

At wikipedia it says Power7 can reach about 250 gflops but it doesnt say anything about wether this is dual precision or not.

however if it really is that much more powerfull then the cell then we can only imagine what developers like Guerrilla and Naughty Dog will be able to pull of on the PS4. Next gen is going to look like CGI.

Nihilism3310d ago

I agree with the first post, they need to post a profit before they did that hole deeper

shazam3310d ago

ps3 is 40+ times more powerful than ps2 so this is bs

Hisiru3309d ago

Why people here want a PS4 so soon? I am happy with the PS3 and I am sure it has much more to offer.

3309d ago
zeeshan3309d ago

Yeah, I don't think that is going to happen... at all. I mean PS3 coming out in 2012. Unless I hear it direct from Sony, I won't be worrying about this type of news. First, I am sure that SONY is already thinking ahead about PS4 but this is no software we are talking about. That information is highly classified. It's another think to let info leak when it comes to an aleady designed/developed software or hardware but it's totally another when it comes to a tech that is under development.

PS3 remains the powerhouse of this gen and it has a lot more life remaining than most people usually imagine. The Sony's 10 year lifecycle claim is no BS. They pretty much mean that because they have the hardware that can live that long and support their plans.

Mars Attacker3309d ago

If this is true, it is good news for gamers and developers. By dumping the Cell Sony will make things a lot easier on developers. Switching to a faster and easier to program CPU will allow for the PS4 to hit the ground running with great titles right out out of the starting gate. For gamers it will mean the PS4 won't gather dust waiting for games like the PS3 did.

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rucky3310d ago

So 2011 XBOX 720 confirmed?

SuperStrokey11233310d ago

The said they will support the 360 till one day after sony stops supporting the ps3, take that how you will.

DelbertGrady3310d ago

No need for MS to rush anything. They haven't been in the backseat this gen like Sony.

raztad3310d ago


So Ms is waiting for Sony to announce when the PS3 support will end? that's funny :D

Harry_Manback3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

There is so much fail & irony in that statement that I don't even know where to begin!

sikbeta3310d ago

"The said they will support the 360 till one day after sony stops supporting the ps3, take that how you will"

Why M$ doesn't start to think by itself instead of wait for another company make a move and then follow it, they invented the "rush and jump to the next console" thing, so why don't start to make their own rules

Trebius3310d ago

Off Topic: SodaPopinsky likes to spread eagle and let his father play with his vagina.

On Topic: This news about the PS4 is a little premature...(way premature actually)but I still enjoy hearing about it...its very exciting to think about how great technology has been evolving and how we were fortunate enough to see it happen.

Im thankful to have been alive to play the Atari 2600 all the way up to the Dreamcasts, Jaguars, and N64s and what-not.

It's amazing to think only 20 years ago we were in Awe at a pixel that could run and jump...

If technology continues to evolve in this manner...

Skynet is the truth...

Mista T3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

POWER7 will have these specifications:
45 nm process
4.04 GHz clock speed
max 2 chips per multi chip module
4, 6 or 8 cores per chip
4 threads per core
VMX capable core
32 MB on-die, L3 cache, shared by all cores. The cache is implemented in eDRAM (instead of SRAM)
max 517.1 GFLOPS per module
max 258.6 GFLOPS per chip
max 32.3 GFLOPS per core

I don't get that^ tell me what all that means some one that knows

LeonSKennedy4Life3310d ago

Basically...'s gonna freakin' rock!

sikbeta3310d ago

IBM POWER architecture are non RISK which is an standard for non Computer Devices like every CPU for consoles, basically a RISK CPU is made in order that the CPU can do an amount instructions with a higher performance, so if SONY implement the IBM POWER 7 as The CPU, we'll have the same microprocessor as a HIGH-END PC

CELL Parallel Process Programing is the Real Future, I can't believe whiners can't deal with that, by that logic Computer Programing will never evolve

If this is truth, at least we know PS4 will be AMAZINGLY POWERFUL

Mista T3310d ago

so woooow could it outdo games graphically such as crysis perhaps????

ChrisW3310d ago

Cysis graphics are easily attainable on the PS3. It's the horrendous amount of physics that would cause it problems.

lightningsax3310d ago

If Microsoft really names their new console the Xbox 720, I will laugh for days. Maybe it'll have "Tony Hawk Ride 2: Electric Sidekick-loo" packed in. I really don't think that will be the case. Sony will have PS4, which is easy enough to say, but Microsoft will need a new name for their new system. Especially if they're planning another followup- The Xbox 1440? That would be superior marketing right there.

Arnon3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

How exactly could a Power-7 be considered a high end PC CPU, when there's already CPUs that are outdoing this thing, right now? Sorry, but a console's hardware will only mirror a PC's hardware for a good... month? Actually, by the time the PS4 releases (if it's going to use this CPU), it will have already been outdated by possibly a few years.

I really wonder if anyone has actually worked with PC hardware, here.

"As long as it's got a good CPU, that's all that matters. Don't you know? That's how pretty games are made!"

Also, no. Crysis graphics are NOT easily attainable on the PS3, especially when the console can hardly even produce good anti-aliasing, and the fact that it's been proven that games like Killzone 2 are locked at 30 FPS at 720p, while a PC is running Crysis at absolutely no limit to FPS, with a resolution of 2560x1600. Crysis on very high will push about 3,000,000 polygons per frame in a big scene. At a reasonable 30 FPS, that's 90,000,000 polygon's per second, which I guarantee you, a PS3 could NOT handle.

Like I said... put a good GPU in the PS4, and you'll get better results than putting in an over-the-top CPU.

Mars Attacker3309d ago

How many times do I have to tell you guys its going to be called the Xbox 1080? Calling it the Xbox 720 makes no sense when every game will run at 1080P...

STONEY43309d ago

"Cysis graphics are easily attainable on the PS3. It's the horrendous amount of physics that would cause it problems."

Then explain to me how no PS3 games look anywhere near Crysis?

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MetalGearRising3310d ago

Now it's time for Microsoft and see what they have up there sleeve......i'm guessing something more powerful and under raps which will be a knockout blow to sony's ps4.

xxPIETROxx3310d ago

but even if the Xbox 3 is twice as powerful as the PS4 i wont be buying it. After my awful experience with the 360 i am never buying another Xbox. They are just not worth any money.
At least we all know the PS4 will have the best games and be the most reliable. Sony have never failed.

PlayStation X3310d ago

cant wait to see the next gen version of rrod aswell =/

Foliage3310d ago

It is more likely that Microsoft will once again panic since they don't have anything special planned, and after seeing what Sony has coming (which will trump their console yet again), will cause them to release their console a year or two before the PS4, rush it to market, and have another 60%+ failure rate.

But you'll still buy 7 of them.

ZBlacktt3310d ago

Awh, it's year 4 for them and they are at 60% fail rate. I think they should fix the problems before putting out anything else ever.

MAiKU3310d ago

When someone like you makes a statement like that it doesn't seem very intelligent at all really.

Lets hope the next box doesn't EXPLODE.

Pirateogta3310d ago

Year 4 and they're at a 60% failure rate? What in Satan's name are you talking about? First of all, the 60% failure rate is not a real figure. It's an inflated figure from a magazine survey responded to by fanboys that did not even have a 360.

Second of all, even if that was a real figure, it would be for the 360's entire life-span, not for current consoles. The failure rate for new 360s is well within the norm for any electronic product and even Microsoft themselves have stated that the RROD is in the past now.

Sure, there will still be failing 360s, but not many more than there are failing PS3s or failing Wiis.

blizzard_cool3310d ago

Every time I'm having a bad day, I come here, read your comments and start laughing out loud. I thank you for that :)

RROD Service_Rep3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Microsoft Rep: Hey, Sony announced what cpu they're going to use.

Microsoft: What! already? We're not prepared for next gen. Its ok, go to IBM and get a quick cheap modified version of it, and get the guys at bungie to make another halo ready. And we'll raise LIVE to $100 to subsidize the price of the console

Lou-Cipher3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

It really doesn't matter who has the best hardware in the future.

The biggest reason is

Playstation will always be better than Xbox simply because Sony has a $hit load of AAA Quality Game Developers under contract(1st&2nd party) and Microsoft doesn't.

While Playstation owners will never be able to play any of Microsoft's 1st or 2nd party games (Halo/Forza/Fable Franchises)

Xbox owners will never be able to play games from Sony's 1st & 2nd party like:

Uncharted Franchise
God of War Franchise
Gran Turismo Franchise
Infamous Franchise
Killzone Franchise
Motorstorm Franchise
Socom Franchise
MLB The Show Franchise
Little Big Planet Franchise
Jak & Daxter Franchise
Ico Franchises
Twisted Metal Franchise
and so on.

No matter how reliable or powerful Microsoft's hardware might be in the future, no matter how good they make their online, THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO COME CLOSE TO MATCHING SONY'S GAME QUALITY & QUANTITY.

ultimolu3310d ago

...Oh, it'll be a knockout alright. Let's just hope it's built properly, unlike the 360...

Narutone663310d ago

MS will introduced 6 RROD.

4point7BillionLoss3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

it's going to be fantastic for Folding ;-)

This Quote shows that the Cell is rubbish, and that a more general purpose chip is superior, which is why the xbox 360 can do what the play station does with 5 less cores:

Interestingly, the primary reason IBM canceled development on the CELL is based PoweXcell 8i because of SCEI's change of stance. The company wanted to move away from the exotic architecture employed for the PS3 to a more traditional architecture favored by third party developers. The company wanted to move away from the exotic architecture employed for the PS3 to a more traditional architecture favored by third party developers.

ajkla923309d ago

RROA (Red Ring of Armageddon)

spinbot_lv13309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

next microsoft's console will be wii-like with a revisioned and upgraded current hardware, 60% of rrod, and bundled with project natal and you'll play like .......


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GaMa853310d ago

I thought IBM confirmed they have not stopped development on the cell?

deeznuts3310d ago

Nope. I think they're killing development of the Cell. They said they'll keep making it as long as Sony needs them. But they're not developing it further I don't think.

raztad3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

First of all, this is just a rumor. Second, though this quote is not very clear:

" ... reason IBM canceled development on the CELL is based PoweXcell 8i ... "

It let me think that IBM canceled the development of the Cell based PowerXcell 8i. Canceling the PowerXcell 8i doesnt mean the demise of the whole Cell arch.


Totally true. Hybrid Processors based off Cell technology is the way to go for IBM. It seems the Cell has some shortcomings that this new tech (Power 7) is trying to address


"Based on our experience gained from Cell, we now believe that the next generation of computing will rely heavily on the integration of multicore and hybrid technologies," the company said in its statement. "IBM continues to invest in Cell technologies as part of this hybrid and multicore strategy, including in new POWER7-based systems expected next year."


Most probably the PS4 chip will be custom made.

RememberThe3573310d ago

they will be incorporating much of it's design into it's future chip-sets. I'm not a real tech head, but from what I gathered they aren't scrapping the Cell, but just moving on from it. Sounds to me that the Cell architecture is going to be the foundation of IBM's future chips.

techie3310d ago

They didn't cancel PowerXcell 8i - they're using it now. They cancelled it's successor.

Though they're apparently using Cell in future chip designs (which makes snese)

BTW there is no evidence in this story.

sikbeta3310d ago

NOPE, you are wrong, IBM is killing THE CELL as a mass Product, they will use the architecture basis for new products, so we'll see CPU based on the CELL but not implemented the same way the CELL is doing, i.e:

Parallel Processing CELL + friendly architecture = Friendly CELL 2.0