Bad Company 2 single-player campaign details

Nextgamer writes: "New details of the singe-player campaign in Battlefield: Bad Company 2".

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Nambassa3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Jeez I'd completely forgotten about the single player! Just so obsessed with the multiplayer, I'd say it's even better than Call of Duty. And this is coming from a 6th prestige, 1.24 K T D ratio player..

rdgneoz33249d ago

The multiplayer in the beta is amazing. Loving it so far.

hades073249d ago

6th Prestige in Modern Warfare 2? Games only been out for like two weeks, time to get out from your mom's basement and see some sun I think.

TheBand1t3249d ago

I think he meant he got 6th prestige in CoD4...not MW2.

deadreckoning6663249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Agreed. The beta is incredible. And to thk, its only a BETA of the ONE mode of the COMPETITIVE MULTIPLAYER aspect of the game. The final product will be EPIC!! If this game ends up having 4 player co-op in the story mode, then it can potentially dethrone the Modern Warfare franchise.

Perjoss3249d ago

the single player for the first bad company was really good, surprisingly open, you could drive vehichles quite long distances, not like MW2 at all. Bad company is well known for its multiplayer but its single player should not be ignored at all, lets hope the seccond game is as good as the first if not better in the solo department!

PeptoBismol3249d ago

1.24 K/D ratio is nothing to brag about, so what was your point?

DirtyLary3249d ago

^ That BC2 is a great online game.

What is yours troll?

Nambassa3248d ago

lol Yes i meant Call of Duty 4, so I'm not obsessed. :P And i wasn't bragging about 1.24 k/d ratio, just saying it so that you know I'm not terrible. lol

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wanaraceu3249d ago

Man i hope this game has story co-op i have not played a good story co-op with a buddy in ages

3249d ago
RobertoYNWA3249d ago

I cant wait! the beta is amazing! 4 player co-op missions would be cool!

Boty3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

The multiplayer seems to take the cake so far. Of course every Battlefield game has been known for its incredible multiplayer action. So I guess it really isn't to surprising that I forgot about the single player. Well I honestly can't wait for this game to come out!

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The story is too old to be commented.