Valve: listening to PC gamers, frequent updates equal success

Ars Technica sits down with Valve's director of business development Jason Holtman to discuss the future of the Steam platform and PC gaming. His theory? Listening to customers and keeping them connected are the keys to success. The evidence? Sales boosts that coincide with updates, and frequent, effective price cuts.

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DavidMacDougall3282d ago

Where is the extra guns for L4D? Why can't i mod it either?

Pandamobile3282d ago

Because you lack the knowhow?

Left 4 Dead's got lots of good mods.

wxer3281d ago

lol they only talked about PC
this shows that the 360 is irrelevant to them

randomwiz3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

no mods??

i think you're thinking about mw2 for pc

toaster3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

It's all there for you to play with. Valve even encourages it! That's how they keep games fresh. Look at the original Counter Strike. Tons of people are still playing it because of mods and community made maps. Team Fortress Classic probably still has people playing. I have friends who play Half Life 2, Ep.1 and Ep. 2 frequently just because it's such a good game. And the game is what, five years old? You don't see a lot of people playing a 5 year old game that often and even now Valve continues to support the games.

If you say that there are no mods then you either:

A: Have been living under a rock since 1998 and don't know how to type into a web browser.

B: Don't care enough to go look at forums and community pages for maps/skins/mods.

C: Too lazy to buy Garry's Mod and mod things yourself, which isn't very hard. With Garry's Mod you can make awesome stuff and then share with the community.

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Pandamobile3282d ago

No one's closer to their customers than Valve.

multipayer3281d ago

Unless we only play PS3. Which effective immediately------>GTFO!

sabestar3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Very true. Valve is my fav dev. Can't wait to see how the story will end with Half life 2 Episode 3. I know they mistreat consoles (esp. ps3) but as a pc gamer, I'm more than satisfied with them.

Another thing to note, those guys stick to their principles, like they haven't abandoned or ignored the platform that made them in the first place unlike a few others (Infinity ward)

LeonSKennedy4Life3281d ago

I'd say Epic is closer to their customers, honestly.

Also, Harmonix...

led10903281d ago

^^No ways man. Tf2 has got around 97 updates since launch. They're supporting l4d even after l4d2 came out. They're even releasing hl2 updates. They know how to keep their customers loyal to them. And even though its more cause of the potential for better sales, still they're better at this than most companies out there

tdrules3281d ago

DLC every week is not supporting a product, dont let the cash cow fool you

evrfighter3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Epic is closer to their customers?

wtf are you serious?

They gave the people that made them who they are the finger when everyone saw how exploitable console gamers were. LoL

I'm amazed someone actually said Epic. I believe they were one of the first devs to use pc piracy as an excuse rather than blame their own mediocre newest Unreal title to hop on the milk train.

Valve is probably one of the few devs that converse with their fans in forums and Gabe is probably one of the if not the only CEO of a game development/publishing company to respond to fans emails.

Valve was not only the pc's saving grace when companies like Epic were looking for excuses to jump ship. But they are the driving force today that has made EA's, CEO come out recently and say that the PC is going to be untouched as a gaming platform in the coming years.

Harmonix? really?

$20 for albums really? Maybe if they had a weekly song for $.50 then maybe you'd have a point. But no they are in the DLC game. DLC is the worst thing to happen to gamers since....well, ever

Nihilism3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Amen. Sometimes with OS upgrades etc, old games become unplayable, but with valve constantly releasing updates to ensure that they are compatible, you know your purchase is going to last a long time

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Led Zeppelin3281d ago

You're allowed to be that "egotistical"(which they weren't even being) when you're that successful.

toaster3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )


Half Life: 96
Half Life 2: 96
Half Life 2 Ep. 1: 87
Half Life 2 Ep. 2: 90
Portal: 90
Team Fortress 2: 92
Left 4 Dead: 89
Left 4 Dead 2: 89
Day Of Defeat Source: 80
Counter Strike Source: 88
The Orange Box: 96

I don't see any reason for Valve to be boasting./s

tdrules3281d ago

too right, look at how many updates TF2 has got.
and dont start with the 360 bs, whens the last time that was on major nelsons top 10 huh?

Elven63281d ago

There's a reason why TF2 360 isn't played much anymore and it has nothing to do with other games, it's the fact that it's a mess that hasn't gotten support from Valve hence little point in sticking around.

Saaking3281d ago

there's only like 10 people on TF2 on 360.

raztad3281d ago

I thought it was already well known that Valve only care about the PC and PC owners. The x360 is a distant and forgettable second place, and IMO Valve is developing for it just to please its partners.

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