OXM UK: Far Cry 2 - Loved It Or Hated It?

OXM UK writes: "We loved Far Cry 2. Check out our Far Cry 2 review and you'll see we were rather fond of Ubisoft's shooter.

But Far Cry 2 proved one of the more divisive games on 360, as some saw the same brilliance in it that we did while others found it slow and dull."

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Redgehammer3306d ago

I love farcry 2. I am playing it now and thus far have amassed 43 hours into a FPS primary campaign, and still am only at 92% complete. I am playing on the Hardcore setting (i have regretted that choice a few times) and let me tell you it can be hardcore. The game has some flaws, but the flaws do not supersede the challenging fun I have been having. Once you complete your training and are turned loose it truly is a go where you want kill everyone you see game. If you decimate all the enemies at a checkpoint and wait around for a while a vehicle will pull up with more enemies to populate that checkpoint making the game a constant have something to shoot fest. The locales are great and diverse in their beauty and absence of beauty. I picked the game up from gamefly for 7 bucks (was 12$ had a 5$ off coupon) and have enjoyed every moment of it. It also seems to have a bustling online community (360 version)with so many maps to DL for free I was amazed.

gtamike1233306d ago

Very Bad game, the first far cry was good also the xbox 1 remake version.

glennc3306d ago

neither loved nor hated it. just played it for a while and got bored. i will go back to it one day and try again.