Free Chocobo unlocked for Xbox Live Avatars

The Lost Gamer writes "The combined efforts of Xbox 360 owners through the re-tweeting powers of social networking site Twitter, have today unlocked an exclusive Final Fantasy XIII item to be used for your Xbox Live Avatar - a Chocobo!"

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Blaster_Master3226d ago

OMG! This is freaking awesome.

velcry3226d ago

Free bird for Xbox 360.

Flipping the bird to PS3.

I want free digital things too. Sigh.

3226d ago
Seedhouse3226d ago

It's actually available in the US and UK/ France/ Germany :)

Kira833226d ago

not in canada? thanks for nothing again xbox.

Godmars2903226d ago

There's probably going to be Home spaces, apartments and a ton of other crap offered on PSN. Free and paid, just like on XBL.

evrfighter3226d ago

wark wark


Kupo! (wait wtf)

sikbeta3226d ago

First of all, xbox owners knows what a chocobo is?, is not a weapon guys lol

Second, even if I hate those chicken-things, lot of FF fans will die for having those mutant-chickens as a DLC or whatever related to FF game

Bnet3433226d ago

Not all Xbox owners started gaming last generation and not all Xbox owners play Xbox only. Also, why does it matter if they know or don't know what it is? It's a free avatar item.

Blaze9293226d ago

Sad....just sad. Nice attempt at fail

Immortal Kaim3226d ago

You're telling me MS can't offer this in other regions outside those few listed? WTF, lame. I want a Chocobo... :)

mdt hunter3226d ago

why do these things have to be region locked :(

kewlkat0073226d ago

You must think all Xbox 360 owners started gaming in 2001 or something. Or maybe Sony/Nintendo/ didn't loos a little market-share or more.

sikbeta3226d ago

NOPE, I'm saying a Big part of the xbox crew love shooterz more than anything, sorry if you get as an insult, but I know a lot of xbox owners downplay great games just for not being shooters, all of you can be real gamers that enjoy all kind of games, but that doesn't change anything

And shooter games started long before, not when the first xbox was released

GoldenEye 64 and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter saying h€llø

GameOn3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

You mean Doom,Duke Nukem and Quake. You must have started gaming with the N64 or something.

sikbeta3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Never said those games were the First, just pointing out a couple of games made just a gen before the xbox,

I never was a BIG PC GAMER, I avoid the graphics cards madness in the beginning but hell I enjoyed a lot of good games on PC, HL and CS my favorites before becoming a FULL CONSOLE GAMER

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dangert123226d ago

im gettin 1 lol

borgome3226d ago

Perfect, will look good along with my giant q-tip accessory.

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The story is too old to be commented.