VGR: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

VGR: "Despite the general shortness of the excellent main campaign (on average it's taken the VGR team around 5 ½ hours to complete), it's so ridiculously epic that it doesn't feel like you've been cheated at all. Add to this the enemy intel items you need to hunt down in each level and the Veteran difficulty mode to unlock, you won't mind returning to it again and again. However, Multiplayer is the real jewel in MW2's crown, with its refined customization options and sheer addictiveness; we can see it holding us over until MW3 inevitably rears its wonderful head. Don't look at MW2 like another FPS or another instalment in the CoD series – look at it as it deserves to be: a beautiful piece of modern interactive entertainment. Purchase instantly."

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ape0073254d ago

of a great game

modern warfare 2 is absolutely amazing

Socomer 19793253d ago

I'm playing it right now & I had to take auto aim off.
Am I even playing this game? Go to checkpoint, follow, next stage.
All I have to do is push forward & shoot in the direction of where I think I'm getting shot from.

I've played less on rails shooters on the freaking iPhone!
This really is call of noobies. Tap aim and automatically target enemies?
You have got to be kidding me.
In cliffhanger, it's worse because you have a gun that targets everybody. Oh so shoot them & plant a bomb?
Done in 10 seconds. Now let's shimmy on a snow mobile to end the stage.
LoL! No wonder so many people cry that games are too hard like socom, mgo & killzone2.
You guys are scrubs!

Reviewers also fail to mention that if you've never played MW1 you don't know WTF is going on.
Who's soap? Why did that guy shoot that guy? Why is everyone looking at me?
Yet that a big concern with other games not backed by a publisher who hands out cash for ads like candy to babies.

I don't know how anybody can play this online & still have some respect for themselves.
The game ripped scenes from movies & shows like generation kill yet uncharted is not original & it's too much like romancing the stone? So funny.

After I scrape the trophies for this steamy pile of crap game called call of noobies. It's back to socom stat!
I'm embarrased to be even playing this game. I hope my friends list doesn't think I'm a noob now.
You can be blind & still beat this game! Lmao!

Anybody who says this game is great to me needs to take a step back, apologize & walk away.
I didn't start gaming for 30 years to have a game that doesn't let go of your hAnd.
Cod noobs have no skill & omg there are alot of them.
It's a genre of it's own. Please stay there & never speak of real games again.