Join The ABP Beta

E209, which is now available in UK shops, has a full preview feature on the game which Realtime describes as providing persistent online action. You might describe it as GTA Online. Or WOW meets Counter-Strike. Now's your chance to find out exactly what you think it is.

The team is currently looking to swell APB's ranks of beta testers with Edge readers. To be one of the gang, all you need is a decent specification PC and a broadband connection.

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TVippy3281d ago

People, how does this **** get approved?

mikeslemonade3281d ago

Well too bad the beta isn't for the 360. 360 has been getting the shaft with the betas. Perhaps too many kids on xbl.

Motion3281d ago

Though, not many PC games (not coming out for xbox or ps3 yet) are beta tested on a different platform. It just wouldn't make sense.

Pandamobile3281d ago

Why would the 360 get a beta when the game isn't even announced on the 360?

3279d ago