DeoGa: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review


"Overall, this is without a shadow of a doubt, the best presented game on the PS3. It looks immaculate and at times feels like you're playing a movie. If you haven't played the original then make sure you do, and then go buy this game – you won't regret either purchase. The game provides a bit of everything and has an immense amount of depth & story to the point where you'll feel for the characters. The developers, Naughty Dog have put so much attention to detail into this game that their next instalment, whether it be another Uncharted game or not should receive a lot of attention."

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Pennywise3307d ago

Yeah okay DeoGa... MW2 is better than UC2.

Another site for me not to pay attention to.

ZBlacktt3307d ago

I agree anyone who says MW2 is better than UC2 should be ignored!

nolifeking3306d ago

I didn't bother reading it, but did they flat-out say MW2 was better than U2?