Holiday Gift Guide for Married Gamers

Ah, marriage. Once a gamer friend, Mr. or Mrs. Couple has now been tied in the bounds of matrimony and you are wondering if you should still get them the same types of games as in years past. Or, maybe, you are married to a non-gamer and are looking for a way to bring them into gaming this holiday season. Also, avid gamers marry other avid gamers and buying a gaming present for a love that has the same interests as yourself can be difficult. Never fear because Spawn Kill's Holiday Gift Guide for Married Gamers is here, detailing games that would be excellent gifts for those married game players in your life.

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tigresa3304d ago

Those are some great picks! Definitely applies to people in couples overall as well.

Anon19743303d ago

I'm always looking for games that my wife and I can play together. I think Borderlands might find it's way into our PS3 this Christmas holiday.