5 games to buy for friends you secretly hate

"Everyone has a few "friends" that you don't actually like at all. Maybe they're an annoying cousin that you wish you could disown, or maybe they're your significant other's younger brother who never shuts up. Even though it's probably the last thing you want to do, you're obligated to get them something for Christmas. Still, if you're going to drop the cash to buy them a gift, you might as well make it a game that truly communicates how you feel.

If you're thinking about shopping for video games for your hate-friends, here are five of the biggest flops of 2009 that will get the message across all too clearly. A punch to the back of the head or a box full of feces is out of the question, but finding a new copy of any game on this list under the Christmas tree will say, "I hate you" just as effectively. Please note: blatantly terrible shovelware or movie tie-ins have been excluded. Because that just wouldn't be creative at all. "

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tehk1w13009d ago

I'm ashamed to say I actually bought X-Blades.

For the action! I swear!

RadientFlux3009d ago

sure you did... ;)

Personally I wouldn't buy any of these games for my worse enemies. As it would mean an additional sale and move the developer one step closer to green-lighting a sequel.

tehk1w13009d ago

Why does everyone doubt me when I say I buy Dead or Alive for the fighting and DOA: Beach Volleyball for the sports?

Is it because I have a pedobear avatar? :O

Redempteur3009d ago

your avatar certainly doesn't help

Gen0ne3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Worse than Bullet Witch, ( actually, Bullet Witch ain't that bad ) and on par with Vampire Rain. The whole thing was just bad in brand new ways. I guess I must secretly hate myself, 'cause I bought that crap for me. And I suffered... oh, I suffered.

STK0263009d ago

I played the first DoA Extreme Beach Volley Ball for the gambling games... My friends played the Volley Ball to earn cash, and I'd lose it in the casino.

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joydestroy3009d ago

man these must be bad. i've never even heard of them :X

tehk1w13009d ago

I remember X-Blades actually getting a decent amount of hype.

That and it had bewbs.

DiffusionE3009d ago

It had hype and "bewbs", so you decided to buy it for the action. Oh, okay......

tehk1w13009d ago

My reason for buying games:

1. Bewbs
2. Hype
3. Graphics
4. Gameplay

bjornbear3009d ago

for horny fanboys sure!

Otherwise, I take Gameplay and graphics over bewbs and hype, but thats me

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UltimateSin3009d ago

Honorable Mention: Darkest of Days. Why? Educational and Terrible Gameplay.

Feral Gamer3009d ago

If you secretly hate someone, why buy them anything?

Knightrid8083009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Even if you hate someone they could come in handy some time.

tehk1w13008d ago

Guh. I've had to buy gifts for people I hate before. Like my room mate's brother. That whiny little bastard.

NecrumSlavery3009d ago

Where is WET? That's a pile of crap, right there

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