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Two Worlds II confirmed for 360, PS3

High fantasy sequel Two Worlds II will be released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The console versions will launch alongside the PC and Mac versions of the game, a spokesperson from TopWare Interactive confirmed to Digital Spy.

They will also share the same release date, currently scheduled for some time in spring 2010.

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Pennywise3281d ago


This is one that the 360 could of kept judging from the first.

Feral Gamer3281d ago

How can you say doooooomed when the second Assassin's Creed was 10x better than the first (from what I've heard). A sequel to a bad game doesn't have to suck.

RadientFlux3281d ago

I'm willing to give the developer of "Two Worlds" another chance. Though I'm definitly waiting for reviews this time around.

Hopefully they can fix the performance issues and maybe get the framerate above 15 frames. Also it would be nice if they hired actual voice actors.

If not Two Worlds 2 will be eaten alive next year, thanks to all the other western RPGS due out.

SuicidalTendencies3281d ago

I actually liked the first game. The voice acting and the graphics could have been a lot better but the game itself was very deep and fun. Hopefully they keep the latter and work on the former. Looking forward to the sequel.

Pennywise3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

I dunno, isn't everything doomed on this site? PS3 will bankrupt Sony. The 360 will die because of the slim. The wii is dying a slow death because its bubble has burst and the quality titles are not there. Bluray is being replaced by DD. Gaming is becoming too saturated, the market is crashing. Hard drive companies will close their doors(Thanks Google). What else?

It was more of a joke than anything about how doomed we all are. Apply it to where ever it fits.

Oh and AC2 was a perfect reference to give gamers hope for this sequel to shine. Heres to hoping these devs listen like Ubi did.

RockmanII73281d ago

I've never played Two Worlds, but a lot of my friends have and they all said that they liked it.

Dutch Boogie3281d ago

lol and another one bites the dust. Although i would rather splinter cell or something not fail prone.

DonCorneo3281d ago

all i know is that ubisoft paid reveiwers 10x more so it can get good score.

bought assassin's creed 2. played it. found it crappy. never played the 1st one, though, so i can't tell if it's an improvement

Feral Gamer3281d ago

I never played the first one but everyone I talked to hated it. They found it extremely repetitive. The second one I own, and I really enjoy it.

Killzone 1 didn't get very good reviews, mid 70s, but KZ2 did a lot better.

Uncharted 2 is much better than the first one.

The list goes on.

Elven63281d ago

Dutch Boogie and Pennywise: Two Worlds was also on PC, infact, the PC version was released first and the Xbox 360 version later on. A PS3 port of the original was announced at one point but it's essentially in development hell.

If you get a copy for cheap, Two Worlds is kinda decent, but not a full priced type of title. Maybe the second game could blow us all away.

gaffyh3281d ago

@1.1 - AC1 was no way as bad as Two Worlds was, AC1 was actually very good, especially for a game that came so early in this console generation.

kaveti66163281d ago

Yes, that is correct. It is one of those games that is so cliche' that one wonders if the developers are making a parody or being serious.

ThanatosDMC3281d ago

Two Worlds 1 on the PC was good for co-op but the combat system sucked. It's like they tried to put useless flashy combo moves but then you get hit by an enemy who's level is beyond yours with one whack and you're dead.

Check the dual sword combo moves.

HolyOrangeCows3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Ranks amongst the most boring games I have EVER played.

So, when do we get Superman 64 II?
Vampire Rain 2?

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i3eyond the Circle3281d ago

Two Worlds was fun to play until the patch...

FCOLitsjustagame3281d ago

I would get it but I will pay attention to reviews to see if I will get it full price or cheap. I got the first one on the cheap and had a good time with it. If I had gotten it full price though the framerate and horrible voice acting\scripting may have bothered me a bit more. Huge game though and great for going around collecting crp. We need to be able to get a house though, my 10 or so horses stationed at various points around the world made me lose track of stuff ;).

Morituri3281d ago

This better be good, the first one was AWFUL.

Hopefully, they learned from their mistakes and improved on everything.

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The story is too old to be commented.