NonsenseGamer - DJ Hero Review

Joe Ryan writes: "When DJ Hero released, I knew that I had to see how it held up to the other great music games that have spread from the revolution. I'm not a huge hip-hop fan (though I think I am as down with the WuTang as any young, white, chubby nerd from a farm town with less than 5000 people could reasonably be expected to be), so I went into the game with fairly low expectations.

Boy, was I surprised."

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matgrowcott3303d ago

This is one of those games that will sell to the Music genre fans just because of the cool controller, I think.

I mean, like you, there aren't many tracks I'd be in a rush to play, but I can't help but price the damn thing up because I want to play a music game with a slightly different controller.

Ahhhh, i'll just wait for Keyboard Hero.