TouchGen: Enviro-Bear 2010 Review

TouchGen writes: "Enviro-Bear 2010 has been around for a while now, and we have not yet reviewed it. Perhaps that is because it is so hard to review it. That is often the case with art balancing on the edge of genius and madness.

Most of you have already heard of this game, and it is easy telling why as it created quite a stir when it got unleashed on the App Store. You are Enviro-Bear, and have to fatten up to be able to hibernate. You only have 5 minutes to eat as much salmon and berries as you can until your fat reserves will keep you alive during the winter months. That sounds like an ok premise, but what I left out is the fact that Enviro-Bear has to do this driving around in an orange car reminding me somewhat of a Toyota Prius."

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