EA: No Plans For Need For Speed SHIFT PC DLC

EA has told IncGamers it has no plans to release the upcoming Team Racing Pack DLC for Need for Speed SHIFT on PC.

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thetamer3282d ago

No DLC for PC...again! Thanks a lot EA. I suppose it's not going to have dedicated servers too

Leord3282d ago


PC users often get shafted :(

Fyzzu3282d ago

As EA does PC DLC through the utterly appalling EA download service, I'm not sure I'm surrpised. Maybe they're just giving up on that.

AndyA3282d ago

Considering it's free DLC anyway, seems weird that EA isn't offering it to PC users.

PS360PCROCKS3282d ago

I gave everyone an agree since some moron disagreed with everyone :)


i did to just for the fun of it.

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