No new Internet cafes to be licensed in China

The communist government encourages Web use for business and education, but authorities are worried it gives children access to violent games, sexually explicit material and gambling Web sites.

President Hu Jintao has ordered Chinese authorities to clean up "Internet culture," and the government launched a crackdown in April on online pornography.

China has the world's second-largest population of Internet users, with 137 million people online, and is on track to surpass the United States as the largest online population in two years.

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nobizlikesnowbiz4209d ago

ching chang wanana wing wang

cookiemonster4209d ago

i love the internet.

a place where ignorant nerd racists have the balls to speak up and say dumber things than they already say.

Armyless4209d ago

Riiiiiiiight..... ya... the Pinkos don't want their people having open access to free and unfiltered information is more like it.

Control the information, control the people.
Free the information, free the people.

RedSeven4209d ago

Well this is a bummer. I was planning on going to China just to sit at an Internet Cafe. What a drag this is.

AcidRhain4209d ago

Sucks to live in China. :-/

InMyOpinion4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

China is a dictatorship, not a communist state. Cuba also. They don't practice what communism is about. I'm not a communist myself, but people often get the wrong idea about it's principles.