Gameplanet: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Hands-On

Gameplanet writes: "The Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer beta, exclusive to the PS3, is well underway, so we thought we'd take a look and see how DICE's sequel is performing. What can we expect from the Battlefield series' latest outing on current-gen consoles? A lot of what you got the last time, if the beta is anything to go by."

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Hanif-8763254d ago

This is the most realistic shooter i've ever played!

chasegarcia3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

10m and no pms.

kikicub3254d ago

I had never played the Battlefield series. This game is a blast. I want to see how much polish they're going to put into it, it just needs a few tweaks.

seedaripper19733254d ago

this guy doesn't know what he's going on about...this has changed drastically from the first bad company, and i play it almost constantly (unlike MW2, which i'm bored of already) the term 'first day purchase' springs to mind (hurry up march!) ;)

chasegarcia3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Besides a little more destructibility,no grainy graphics, and new game modes. What has Dice improved?. The gameplay stayed the same. Vehicles still handle and sound like crap. Guns feel and shoot the same as the first Bad Company and they removed prone again.