Famitsu hardware sales (11/16 - 11/22)

Some leaked estimated Japanese hardware sales data has been released (Sinobi numbers).

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Valay3304d ago

The only figure in there which isn't an estimate is the DSi LL sales, since we know that it sold that much in its first two days. Meanwhile, it looks like things are close between the PS3/Wii this week.

presto7173304d ago

Does this mean it sold 0 units?

Valay3304d ago

Doubt it sold 0, but Media Create will share their numbers tomorrow either way!

gaffyh3304d ago

Wow the new DS had a huge effect on all numbers.

mint royale3304d ago

DSi LL – 103,524
PSP go – 4,800

I think Nintendo have showed Sony how to launch new hardware revisions!

PS3 and wii exactly equal? Good battle!

Guido3304d ago

It only makes sense to leave it off the list. That way MS can be spared the humiliation from now on.

Look, you can hate me for it but I only speak the truth. Hit the disagree button if you are a pansy that can't take the truth.

Hisiru3304d ago

Nintendo is the portable king even if psp has more power.

Saaking3304d ago

Wii and PS3 are exactly the same. We'll see who comes out the victor tomorrow.

Sarcasm3304d ago

There's no 360 on the list because Japan is gearing up for it's non-existence starting December 17th.


Death3304d ago

They simply weren't reported from the rumors source. These aren't official numbers, just a partial leak by Sinobi. I know reading comprehension is a real [this space left blank for profanity], but the author did provide a previous example by this poster with the following message, "Please note: These numbers are from Sinobi this week, which is why there is not a complete listing yet. Generally, direct Famitsu numbers are leaked. We’ll update this post if any additional hardware information comes in."


sikbeta3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Good prediction man, is going to be PURE MADNESS in JAPAN that DAY

@mint royale

Is not easy to beat the Handheld king for such long time with the first iteration, DQ and Pokemon make it really difficult, but we can't say PSP did or is doing bad, about the PSPGo, well the non UMD, small game library and the price is not helping at all

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Shadow Flare3304d ago

They didn't even bother listing the 360 numbers lol

Valay3304d ago

Don't know why, but Sinobi didn't post 360 numbers anywhere.

ultimolu3304d ago

o-O What happened to the 360?

spinbot_lv13304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

in the abyss!

ultimolu3304d ago

...Maybe it sold less than 1,000. o_o;

3304d ago
Darkeyes3304d ago

Hahahaha lol, if you want to learn spinning facts, learn it from Commodore lol. It's the highest selling home console this week and all you have to say is that it didn't sell well lol... 29K in a week... Now multiply that by 4 means you get nearly 120K.. Now lets say a 360 sells 20K monthly (a little blown up, but just giving some more), then too the PS3 outsells it by a good 100K units monthly.... Plus add in another 80-100K from America and another 100-150K from Europe and we have ourselves a WINNER.

Just wait for the week before and the week that FF13 lands next month Commodore... Lol it will probably sell more than the 360 sells in 6 months LMAO.

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LiquifiedArt3304d ago

For the price difference... is Ludicrous. Or Under 12yrs old. (which then makes it ok)

Rocco Siffredi3304d ago


L4D1 - 17k
L4D2 - 28k


Ratchet - 11k
Ratchet 2 - 15k

Japan 1st week sales.. i loled!

Seems like the SlIm is now a cheap Blu Ray Player in Japan.

The Killer3304d ago


its officially by famitsu out of radar!

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